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National Charity 4Children comment on the Budget

Article By: Rachel Baker, News Editor

4Children, the national charity for children and families spearhead an integrated approach to children’s services. They work with partners around the country to ensure children and families have access to the services and support they need in their communities

Commenting on yesterday’s budget, Anne Longfield OBE, chief executive of 4Children, said: ’One speech has wiped away a principle held for over 35 years – and before that in other forms - of valuing and recognising the importance of children in every British family.

‘Child Benefit has been at the heart of a choice we all make over how we value the bringing up of all children in this country. My fear is that society may become less cohesive as a result of George Osborne’s Budget today.

‘This isn’t simply a case of low income families paying into a benefit received by others on higher incomes, but of a budget that has failed to deliver the relief that hard-pressed families need. Changes to child benefit really need to be deferred until 2015. Such uncertainty in this financial climate is not fair on parents struggling to make ends meet.

‘It was also hugely disappointing that this budget has done nothing to help parents with the spiralling cost of childcare. George Osborne missed an opportunity to return the childcare element and help parents remain in sustainable employment. As any working parent knows, affordable childcare is difficult to find and the Government needs to be doing much more to support them.’

Chancellor George Osborne has announced changes to child benefit in the 2012 budget.

In a household where someone has an income of more than £50,000, child benefit will be withdrawn through an income tax charge. The withdrawal will be gradual in households where somebody has income between £50,000 and £60,000.

Only those earning over £60,000 will lose the entirety of their child benefit.


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