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Deadline extended for nurseries to register for free space hoppers and balance bikes

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

A scheme giving free sports equipment to nurseries has extended its deadline.

The Haven Fun and Fitness sports equipment giveaway includes balance bikes, sports day equipment, cricket bats, racquets, balls, space hoppers and stepping stones.

In order for settings to gain their free sports equipment, they need to register for the campaign at by 29 February.

Once registered, nurseries need to encourage parents to visit the schools page to leave a message of support for their nursery in order to receive the free sports equipment.

Naomi Woodstock, Fun & Fitness campaign manager, said: ‘When parents rely on teachers to provide physical activities for their child this is a fantastic way to ensure their pre-school has the equipment they need.'

'Logging on to the website to leave a message of support for your child's preschool will take less time than updating your Facebook status.’

The sports equipment packs are divided into three sizes depending on the number of children at the setting.

All settings who have registered have until the 27 April to gain their support targets.

The first 1,000 nurseries to hit the 100 per cent target will also receive a bonus item to reward them for gaining all their support.


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