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It's Raining. It's Pouring


Rain often gets in the way of planned outdoor activities. But wet weather also provides a one-of-a-kind experience that children really shouldn´t miss!

Rather than keeping children cooped up inside get outdoors & experience the stimulating, soggy, muddy, squelchy paradise.

Mud Pies are an absolute must on a rainy day where mud is available in abundance. Jan White, Consultant for Outdoor Provision in the Early Years, says in her book Playing and Learning Outdoors: ‘Both the process and product of mixing water and sand, soil, flowers or leaves are therapeutic and fascinating, and can support imaginative play in some lovely ways.´ Playgarden´s Mud Pie Kitchen Resource Box has everything you need from mixing bowls and moulds to mashers and wooden spoons so you can make marvelous mud pies!

Grown-ups habitually discourage jumping in puddles. Next time it´s pouring with rain get your waterproofs on and hold a splash contest! Children will be so excited that they are allowed and even encouraged to splash in puddles they will be engaged for hours. What´s more a lot can be learned from this tactile activity. Discuss how they think they can make the biggest splash, why they think that might be, how could we measure the splash, which puddles make the best splash etc.

Worms, slugs and snails love then rain almost as much as children do. Wet weather provides the perfect opportunity for children to investigate these incredible, harmless mini-beasts that are usually hidden away. Challenge your children to a worm hunt to see who can count the most. Equip children with a bug chart and they can learn which insects they are likely to find in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions.

Children love messy play but teachers, parents and carers are sometimes less enthusiastic. Why not keep dry and get outside by getting everyone to work together and build a shelter. Camping out in the rain is a whole new adventure! Try using clear tarpaulin so you can see the elements all around you, even the rain above your head pouring down on your den.

Playgarden have a great selection of resources to encourage children to get outside whatever the weather and create, count, build, dig, play and learn! Take a look at all our outdoor play resources here