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Revamped Play Area Brings the Outdoors to Life


The new early year´s nursery at Church Lane Primary School is the largest in the area and is aimed at children aged 3-5 to work on their early learning goals.

Project Brief After work had been completed on a new foundation-stage building, the nursery wanted to create a natural garden that would develop the thinking and learning of their children. The early years children themselves played a great part in determining the project brief which included sand and water play.

Development Playgarden have created a large sand and pebble area for the children which incorporates many different elements and surfaces to create a great, forever-changing space for play. A natural pebble stream with different sized boulders and pebbles has also been installed; the water can run from the water pump onto the pebble area to create a wonderful stream-like effect that the children take responsibility for. We have created mounding with wooden beams over for climbing or sitting. A Willow Structure Tunnel with two entrances will present a gateway to new creative play opportunities for the children — a story telling and performance area.

Equipment: Playground Pump Landscaping: Sandpit, Pebble Play Stream, Mounds, Boulders, Beams, Sand tubes, willow structures, story-telling area, planting Surfacing: Sand and Grass Total cost: £23,500.00

What the client says “The garden, equipped with lots of natural resources, has already done wonders, inspiring the children to develop their thinking. The children have enjoyed problem solving and building their life long skills.” Helen Fulcher, Head Teacher