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Mirror Trays reflect TTS innovation

Article By: Lilly Elbra PR

Mirrors provide great stimulation for play and learning, which is why TTS have developed a set of 4 nesting Mirror Trays specifically for use in Early Years Settings. Developed in response to a practitioner suggestion, the simplicity and flexibility of the product led to the Mirror Trays being shortlisted for an ERA Award earlier this year.

The enduring allure of a mirror is particularly attractive to babies and young children who all achieve different learning outcomes from interaction with a mirror. Babies love to take in the infinite landscape a mirror presents, developing their own sense of self along the way. Older children love the different kaleidoscopic dimension a mirror brings to play, and as the TTS product is in the form of trays they can be used to hold, sort and even build upon. Some practitioners have used the trays to house mini landscapes, complete with water, moss, fish and pebbles, creating a fascinating environment to enhance the learning environment.

This attractive yet practical resource nests for easy storage. Each set encompasses 4 shapes; a rectangle, square, triangle and hexagon, so help with shape recognition with each shape possessing different reflective qualities. Crafted to last, the trays are produced in finished wood with a safe, durable acrylic mirror.

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