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Bright Horizons achieves Investors in Diversity status

Article By: Bright Horizons

Ensuring that our working environment and customer experiences are welcoming and inclusive of everyone is “the right thing to do”. It is part of who we are as Bright Horizons - equality, diversity and inclusion underpin our company’s mission. For example, we strive to:

Nurture each child’s unique qualities and potential We know that every child is unique: our programme for care and learning is based around child-centred learning.

Support families through strong partnerships Every child is part of a family unit who has hopes and concerns, beliefs and lifestyles which are integral to their being. In order to support the child we work to establish strong parent partnerships so that we understand and respect their family and partner with them in their child’s learning journey

Collaborate with employers to build family-friendly workplaces Like us, our clients have employees and customers from diverse backgrounds and with unique needs. We have a history and expertise in providing employers with work-life solutions with which they can support their employees and benefit from the increase in productivity and employee engagement that this brings.

We are committed to being a place where everyone feels included and valued. To help us, earlier this year we partnered with the National Centre for Diversity to work towards the Investors in Diversity Standard. Following assessment by the National Centre, including surveys, staff interviews and a review of evidence, we were delighted to be awarded Investor in Diversity Standard at Stage 2.

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