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TTS use animal magic to encourage playful learning

Article By: Lilly Elbra PR

Two new products from leading education supplier, TTS both capitalise on the wonderment of animals to create two product sets to enchant children and support practitioners. A set of 20 beautifully crafted eggs and matching mother duck, The Duck Treasure Nest is not only aesthetically pleasing but will be invaluable in developing key mathematical concepts and language skills in Early Years settings. Similarly, The Elephant Number Parade naturally appeals to children who will love to line up the colourful characters. As they are numbered 1 – 10, these papier mache mammals will again support mathematical and language development.

As with all of the TTS Range, these products have been developed to present great open ended learning potential. The intrinsic flexibility of the products mean they can be used in countless ways, from sorting, matching and identifying patterns to creative story-telling and role play, to name but a few. To help practitioners embrace the potential of the products, both are provided with Practitioner Notes that offer a myriad of suggestions on how the products can be used. Catherine Clark, Early Years New Product Development Director at TTS comments:-

“We are very excited about these new resources. As an Educationalist myself I know that these will be a great resource for any Early Years settings. The range of opportunities these naturally crafted sets present is phenomenal, and they are also both stunning product sets so very attractive to both children and adults.”

The mother duck within the Duck Treasure Nest acts as a storage for the 20 eggs of different sizes, meaning they are easier to store, as well as great for treasure activities. The Elephants from the parade are also a great addition to any treasure basket.

These products were both developed alongside practitioners and tested within Early Years settings to make sure they synergise with the existing TTS range. The Elephant Parade (EY03240) is available for £49.95, ex VAT, and the Duck Treasure Nest (EY01165) for £39.95, ex VAT.

More details on the Treasure Ducks and Elephant Parade (including detailed Practitioner Notes) along with many other Early Years Resources can be found within the TTS Early Years Catalogue. Please call 0800 318 686 to order a copy or take a look at

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