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TTS re-charges in the race to save you money

Article By: TTS Easi-Detectors

In these tough economic times we are all looking for ways to save money. Leading early years education supplier, TTS are working hard to bring new products to practitioners and child care providers that save money without compromising upon quality and range.

This is why TTS has developed a selection of early years rechargeable ICT resources within its award winning Rainbow Range of products, which include Easi Ears, Easi Speaks and Metal Detectors. Designed to take away the stress and hassle of replacing batteries on a weekly or even daily basis, they can also save you money. What makes them so convenient to use is the docking station that recharges the resources whilst they are not in use, this means they are available all day, everyday for self-selection by the children.

One of the most exciting and newest resources in the Rainbow Range is the Easi-Detectors. Four brightly coloured mini metal detectors with a charging hub make these both easy to use and manage. Priced at £99.95 the metal detectors have a life of up to 8 hours each and have an LED to indicate the charge status. Easy to use for small children, they can become a pirate for the day investigating and exploring what lies beneath the sand, searching for treasure. Great for indoor and outdoor use, they can detect a 10p coin from approximately 50mm.

Speaking enthusiastically about rechargeable resources Lucie Houghton at TTS says; “At TTS we understand that practitioners and childminders are under pressure to save money and try to stretch their budgets even further. This is one of the reasons we are constantly adding new resources to our rechargeable ICT range. We have identified this as a priority and will be developing more products to assist our customers in getting the most from their budgets. We aim to create resources that are open-ended and can be used across many areas of the EYFS, without compromising on quality.”

For more information on the TTS Easi-Detectors (EY04176) and their other resources in the Rainbow Range please call 0800 318 686, or visit

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