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WIN Gardening Resources from Playgarden


Welcome Back! We hope you had a fantastic summer holiday and that you made the most of the outdoors.

If you planted fruits and vegetables last term, many of them will now be ready to harvest and we´d love to hear of your ‘growing successes´! Send us your gardening anecdotes, photographs and memories and you´ll be in with a chance of winning a fantastic Playgardens Gardening Resource Box. The best of your stories will also feature in our Gardening email next spring to inspire other like-minded practitioners to get gardening too!

Children will be enthralled when they come back to school to find plants sprouting crops! Talk to children during and after collecting produce from the garden and allow them to share their fascination and reflect on what they´ve learned. This helps children to understand and remember their growing experiences despite the summer break.

Eating the fruit and vegetables produced is not only good for children´s health and learning it also offers great delight. Consult children about what they´d like to make and eat. This should ensure they enjoy the food they cook and help them understand where their food comes from.

Even when you´ve eaten your produce gardening is far from over! Engage children in finding the seeds in fruit and vegetables that can be saved ready to grow for next year.

If children are well-informed and supervised they can help prune fruit trees. Allow children to cut off smaller branches and pick away dead fruit. Children can also help take hardwood cuttings from fruit bushes that can be stored away ready to grow new bushes next year.

Herbs can be put into pots and taken indoors for the winter. There are also some vegetables that can be sown around this time of year for early crops in spring such as broad beans and hardy varieties of lettuce or peas. These should be ready before the summer holidays ensuring children see the whole growing process.

After harvesting all your crops children are the ideal helpers to rake away all the rubbish from the previous crop and to prepare the soil for next spring. Good crops come from well-aerated soil so let children dig, rake, fork and bury weeds to their hearts content.

Children love transporting tools and crops around in Playgarden´s beautiful Wheelbarrow and Pull Along Cart. Build physical strength, social skills and encourage children to increase their knowledge and understanding of the world with these fun carriers.

Sign up to the Royal Horticultural Society´s Campaign for School Gardening and you can get FREE advice, seeds and a starter pack ready for next spring.

Don´t forget to send us plenty of photos and stories to to get your young gardeners onto our website.