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CareData: cut down on market research with this rich information source

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Our new sister site is an unrivalled research tool for businesses that rely on the nursery and early years childcare sectors for product placement and longevity, providing in-depth information of the customer base that can allow businesses to clarify market potential and client requirements.

The data is sourced from our own website, while also being linked to our other well-established care sector sites and, that allow for a greater transparency of information due to our listed nurseries and care services being able to update their service details for free. Our in-house team further chases any records that are not being updated, resulting in the most comprehensive source of data anywhere for the UK nursery sector and meaning that a better tool than our CareData packages for research of the market does not exist.

The Data packages have themselves been organised in a wide range of formats to suit both extensive and minimal requirements, with members being able to order Master Files or pre-record orders, with access to their own account and Data Basket. The records are updated annually and cleaned using verification software, with users able to download the latest data at any time during its annual subscription simply by logging on.

Products providers can also have their details listed for free in the Products & Services section of, with Enhanced Listings and Banners available that have shown to be effective in increasing web traffic to your business.


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