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The Royal School joins the Big Fish Fight

Article By: The Royal School

Dudley Johnson, Chef Manager at The Royal School, has taken the initiative to join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Big Fish Fight after watching the programmes on TV last week. ‘I knew about fish being discarded but I didn’t realise the extent of the waste’ says Dudley. ‘Working in a school puts me in a great position to help educate the next generation about sustainable food resources. Last Friday’s Fish menu at the Senior School included dishes such as grilled gurnard, breaded coley, battered pangasias and lemon and herb goujons of whiting; the feedback from the girls was positive with several girls coming to the kitchen with great comments. We also ran footage of the Fish Fight in the dining room on a big screen and put out copies of the petition which is going to be sent to the Government – over 100 girls signed it in that first lunchtime alone!’

The focus on different fish has also meant Dudley can buy more from a local supplier ‘When it was just cod I had to buy in large amounts of frozen fish but now I am buying from a fish market in Portsmouth. The cost difference is negligible and everyone is benefiting from the increased variety. We are rolling out to our Junior School this week and intend to purchase local, sustainable fish from now on. Our menus will be written earlier in the week once we know what has been landed.’

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