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Free training to help kick start a career in childcare

Article By: East Sussex County Council

Removing barriers that can prevent people from pursuing a career working with children is the aim of free training courses being run by East Sussex County Council.

The New Entrants courses, which are an introductory training programme, are being run to help those who might want to work with children but have no qualifications or experience.

They have been running since 2006 and at least 200 people have so far benefited. The latest course starts in Newhaven in January 2011 and runs on a part-time basis over three months.

Cllr Meg Stroude, the County Council's Lead Member for Children and Families said: “We know there are people who want to work with children but perhaps lack the qualifications or experience to do so. These courses, which they can do alongside other employment, are designed to give them the start they need.”

The courses, over three months, consist of two parts each of which offers accredited training in childcare. The first part offers a Making Choices course which helps the candidate make an informed choice about a career in working with children. The second part offers one unit of either a Level 2 qualification in Early Years or Playwork.

The course also provides candidates with further support in finding work placements and employment.

Cllr Stroude added: “These courses have proved very popular and, while they do require quite a bit of commitment they are intended to give people a basic foundation on which they can build. And because they can be done alongside other employment they give the candidate the chance to make a start in their training without giving up their work.”

Please note these courses are only available to East Sussex residents who have no previous training or work experience in childcare and are aged 17 years and over.

For more information on the New Entrants courses please contact the recruitment helpline on 01323 747493 or email (quoting New Entrants in the subject line).