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Taking the big first Leap to a more active lifestyle


More than 300 children will be the first in the region to embark on the Leaps and Bounds programme for Nursery schools. The 3-year progressive skills award programme developed by Tumble Tots (UK) Limited, is designed to complement the curriculum nurseries currently provide for their children.

Leaps and Bounds which was developed in consultation with Patricia Maude, MBE, lecturer of physical education with Homerton College, Cambridge University, was introduced because of an increasing demand from Nurseries for a Tumble Tots type physical developmental programme for their children.

Designed as progressive skills based programme and following the Curriculum Guidelines for the Foundation Stage Physical development Area of Learning, Leaps and Bounds is unique in its structure of developing children’s skills over the 3-year programme with specific objectives set in 10-week blocks. Parents receive an objective card at the start of each block so that they are aware of the skills their child will develop during each 10-week block.

Comments received so far about the Leaps and Bounds Programme include “Children are very enthusiastic when participating in these sessions and are gaining good control of their bodies. All children move freely and confidently within designated areas of the nursery. They delight in the excellent range of activities, which they tackle enthusiastically,” said OFSTED Inspector – Cilia Burdis. Also, Elaine, Senior Nursery Nurse, Busy Bees Letchworth said "The children thoroughly enjoy Leaps and Bounds with Nkem. They are encouraged to use their fine and gross motor skills through climbing, balancing and jumping. They also learn turn-taking. As it takes part in small groups, the children have the opportunity to get the most out of group times with the songs and actions".

“With current lifestyles, and the growing problem of child obesity, childcare providers and parents are aware of the importance of getting children to start on a healthy lifestyle from a young age. The more they enjoy physical activity, the more likely they are to keep it up throughout their adult years” says Ngozi Akintoye of Watford.

Leaps and Bound is set to start in more than 10 Nurseries in the Watford and Enfield areas.

For more information in Leaps and Bounds, or for photo opportunities of children participating in the Leaps and Bounds programme please call Ngozi Akintoye on 07502 220087