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Childhood being eroded as parents of four-year-olds worry they are 'falling behind'

Sue Learner, News Editor (23-Sep-14)

A group of early years experts, teachers and parents are “increasingly concerned at the pressure that is being placed on children as young as four”, with the target culture in schools creating ‘pushy’ parents who worry their child.....

'Unacceptable' that only half of five-year-olds achieve good level of development

Sue Learner, News Editor (23-Sep-14)

A Government adviser on health inequality has called it “unacceptable” that only just over half of five-year-olds achieve a good level of development. Sir Michael Marmot, director of the University College.....

Risk needed in children’s play to teach them to cope with the unpredictable

Sue Learner, News Editor (22-Sep-14)

Risk needs to be present in children’s play, warns an academic, who says “an overemphasis on safety” could lead to “the emergence of a generation of young people that is less and less able to cope with the unpredictable”. A.....