Nursery Teacher

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Job Title: Nursery Teacher

Job Setting: Day Nursery / Nursery School

Job Role: Nursery Teacher / Early Years Teacher

Date Posted: 25 Sep 2018

Salary: £17,000 to £21,800 per annum 1600 PRB

Hours: Full Time

Job Location: Wandsworth , London


Reporting to: Senior Nursery Teachers, Junior Managers and Senior Managers

Duties and responsibilities

• Ensure that the standards and philosophy of the nursery and you understand and project them at all times to parents and other staff members

• Ensure that you are following the Early Years Foundation Stage, using all relevant paperwork to plan, observe, track and move children forward to their next stage of development

• Being responsible for a key group of children, keeping an accurate record of their developments and achievements

• Write termly learning journeys for each key child

• Being aware of each child’s individual care needs, including medical information, sleeping and dietary needs

• Record the children’s sleep times, eating habits and bottle-feeds

• Preparation and completion of activities to suit each child’s stage of development and interest both in the classroom and the garden at all times

• Ensure that the children are safe and safeguarding procedures are being followed

• Ensure children who are unwell are monitored in line with our sickness policy and that management are notified so arrangements can be made with the parents


Specific child care tasks
• Provide toys, activities and equipment that is appropriate to each child’s developmental stage

• Sing, read stories and play games with the children

• Supervise at meal times, feeding and serving food, as necessary

• Change nappies at regular times throughout the day or when required

• Create displays with the children’s work

• Wash up any painting materials or kitchen utensils used, clearing up after activities

• Assisting in the induction process for children

• Ensure the safety, hygiene and cleanliness standards are maintained at all times

• Communicate regularly within the team, supporting other members of staff within your room

• Greet and approach parents and perform termly parent / teacher meetings

• Liaise with parents, carers or family members, forming professional relationships and share with them their child’s development

• To be flexible within working practices of the nursery, helping where required

• To work alongside management ensuring the standards and philosophy of the nursery are maintained

• To attend out of hours meetings, such as parent evenings, events and staff meetings

• To uphold the reputation of the nursery and it’s standards at all times, both within working hours and outside


  • CACHE Level 2
  • CACHE Level 3
  • NVQ Childcare

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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