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2018-01-24 Care Homes Job Title: Room Leader

Job Setting: Day Nursery / Nursery School

Job Role: Room Leader / Team Leader / Senior Nursery Nurse

Date Posted: 23 Dec 2017

Job Location: Liverpool , Merseyside

Salary: £8.00 8.00 per hour

Hours: Full Time

Contact Name: Alix Bedford


Orchard Day Nursery

Job Description


  • To hold a relevant childcare qualification to at least level 3.

  • To have at least two years experience in childcare.

  • To hold a full-time post at the setting.

  • To follow the job description of a nursery nurse.

  • To have a thorough understanding of all matters relating to safeguarding.

  • To lead by example: attitude, appearance, actions.

  • To have a thorough working knowledge of all nursery policies and procedures.

  • To have a working knowledge of EYFS welfare requirements.

  • To have a firm grasp of children’s developmental milestones.

  • To understand the principles of the EYFS and how to implement them effectively.

  • To collate observations and oversee room organisation and activities.

  • To ensure smooth transitions of children both into and out of your room.

  • To be accountable for the success of your room.

  • To help create a positive atmosphere within your team.

  • To greet prospective parents formally when they are being shown around the nursery.

  • To be accountable for any failings in your room.

  • To always strictly follow nursery procedures and regulations.

  • To support the nursery management at all times.

  • To share information and instructions with your colleagues.

  • To offer guidance and support to colleagues when necessary.

  • To speak to parents over difficult issues.

  • To hold a key role within the staff team.

  • To never engage in gossip.

  • To monitor the correct use of stock and to inform management when more is required.

  • To be aware of the “whole picture”- you should not need reminding to do the obvious.

  • To take your responsibility seriously and be proud of your position.

  • To attend monthly management meetings without receiving time back.

  • To continually seek to further develop knowledge and skills. This will involve reading and researching in your own time.

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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