Baby Room Leader and Third in Charge

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2018-01-13 Care Homes Job Title: Baby Room Leader and Third in Charge

Job Setting: Day Nursery / Nursery School

Job Role: Room Leader / Team Leader / Senior Nursery Nurse

Date Posted: 14 Dec 2017

Job Location: Lambeth , London

Salary: £17,000 to £20,000 per annum

Hours: Full Time

Contact Name: Terry Bedford

Job Reference: Baby Room Leader and Third in Charge 2017


At Little Garden, we appreciate the hard work that all employees put into creating stimulating environments and wonderful atmospheres. We are a unique family with great values. Just take a look at the Little Garden website for more details on how we promote a delightful staff appreciation atmosphere.

This role is for the Baby Room which is better known as ‘Little Buds’. It requires someone with confidence, experience and someone with humour, as a good laugh during the day is so important when working with children and a large team.

As this role is also for a third in charge, you would have the unique insight into the nurseries projects, plans, costs and development. It's important that the Little Buds new Room Leader have experience with babies, but if you do not have experience working as a third in charge that does not matter, as this role would be perfect for someone who is looking for more responsibility and more authority to make changes.

Below is what we require of all staff, someone’s character is extremely important to us.


Future Little Garden employees must be able to…


  • You must have a warm smiling face that makes every child feel special.
  • You must be able to laugh at jokes you don’t understand or don’t find funny.
  • In this job you need to be adaptable – if a child requests you pretend to be the Gruffalo or a Princess, you must have the skills to morph from one to the other.
  • If you need to be excused from the room to visit the toilet, pass wind, or pick your nose – you need to be comfortable telling your colleagues you are doing so.
  • The ability to sing in tune is not necessary, however, the ability to sing out of tune in front of a crowd is essential.
  • You must be able to distribute warm hugs as and when required.
  • Possessing the skills to quickly count the fast-moving heads of small people is vitally important.
  • You need to be comfortable entering public places on the way home from work with unknown substances on your clothing.
  • You must have a high level of comfort when talking about bodily functions. You must also possess a strong sense of smell to enable you to detect and respond to said bodily functions.
  • You must enjoy the taste of a pretend cup of tea.
  • You must have the ability to read a ten-page fairytale, with at least 4 interruptions per page.


As you can see from what you read we are a unique nursery who value fun and education and are truly looking for someone who can bring their experience and knowledge to develop their own environment.


Contact Little Garden for more details. I'll look forward to hearing from you.


  • Level 3 in Children's Education

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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