Nursery Practitioner - Bank Staff

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2017-12-31 Care Homes Job Title: Nursery Practitioner - Bank Staff

Job Setting: Day Nursery / Nursery School

Job Role: Bank Nursery Nurse

Date Posted: 01 Dec 2017

Job Location: Edgware , London

Salary: £7.50 to £8.00 per hour

Hours: Part Time

Contact Name: Janina Man

Job Reference: Nursery Practitioner Bank Staff


The Nursery Practitioner (Bank Staff) is a key member of the Nursery team and responsible for delivering high-quality learning opportunities and care for the children in their room, based on the needs and interests of those children. They will:

· Promote positive relationships within the Nursery.

· Promote the promotion of health, safety and wellbeing of the children within the nursery.

· Support the children’s development, learning and play within the room.

· Be a key person carrying out all related responsibilities in building relationships with a small group of children and their families.

· Contribute to the effectiveness of team work.

The duties & responsibilities:

· Have a child-centred approach to the running of the nursery.

· Encourage and model appropriate behaviour and expectations.

· Maintain an accurate and effective child’s learning journals.

· Respond appropriately to issues requiring confidentiality.

· Support, promote and implement policies relating to diversity and equality.

· Work well as part of the team and ensure the smooth running of the nursery.

· Work in partnership with parents.

· Attend parent events and meetings as required.

· Promote the nursery to current parents and potential customers.

· Work with other agencies to support children.

· Implement Buckingham First Nursery policies & procedures to ensure compliance with the EYFS and other statutory requirements.

· Observe and plan appropriately for the children using the Buckingham First Nursery guidance materials.

· Ensure the children are kept safe and that where necessary follow child protection procedures.

· Practice positive behaviour management techniques.

· Support the manager to work as a team to ensure a good or better Ofsted inspection outcome.

· Attend staff meetings and training sessions for continuing professional development.

· Participate in all self-development activities including appraisals and supervision.

· Maintain staffing ratios in accordance with statutory requirements.


  • Childcare Qualification Level 2

This job is no longer available, please click here to search all available jobs

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