Nursery in a Densley Populated Area

Property Title: Nursery in a Densley Populated Area     Add Property to My Folder

Property Type: Day Nursery / Nursery school

For Sale / Sold: For Sale

Date Posted: 27 Feb 2018

Location: Kent

Guide Price: £180,000 (Leasehold)

Property Agency: Christie & Co

Reference: 4270254


Located in a densely populated residential area, this nursery is available on a leasehold basis for £180,000, with a 15 year term and an annual rent of £9,840. The setting is located in a community building alongside a pharmacy and doctors surgery, making it part of the central hub of the community. The property also benefits from superb outside play areas, featuring a mud kitchen, tepee, water wall and large grassed play area. The nursery currently holds a 'Good' rating with Ofsted and has an effective operating capacity of 42.

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