Overton Montessori Children's House

St Luke's Hall, 49-55 Winchester Street, Overton, Basingstoke RG25 3HT

Overton Montessori (The Children's House Ltd) is an accredited Montessori nursery school which is run from St Luke's Hall in the centre of Overton. It has a large enclosed garden with a large vegetable plot and lots of space for sport and other outside activities.

All staff have many years experience working with children with all the key workers holding Montessori qualifications. The setting use an iPad record keeping system that enables all parents to view their child's latest observations, ideas for home, information about the setting and Montessori education via their child's own website.

The system also enables parents to share information directly to their child's key worker from their home. Parents are given the opportunity to work in partnership with the setting and significantly contribute to their child's time at Overton Montessori. Children are able to learn key life skills, as the setting prepares children for their futures. Exploring, investigating and exercising their imaginations are all encouraged and enjoyed as the children progress through both the EYFS and Montessori curriculum.

The boundaries of the setting are all based on respect for not only their themselves and those around them, but for the setting and activities they use. The whole setting is designed for the child and is based on the currents children's interests and needs. An important principle of the setting and other accredited Montessori settings is 'Follow the child', which is what the child centred environment enables staff to do.

Owner: The Montessori Children's House (Hampshire) Ltd

Person in charge: Sharon Jagged (Director)

Local Authority / Social Services: Hampshire County Council

Number of Staff: 6

Service Offered: Nursery School (Privately Owned), Open term time, Full Day Care, Sessional Day Care

Total Places for Children: 50

Age Range: from 2 years 0 months to 6 years 0 months

Opening Days: Mon-Fri

Opening Hours: 0900-1500, 0900-1230

When Closed: School Holidays

Languages Spoken (other than English): French


If you are travelling from Basingstoke turn left at the traffic lights in the centre of the village. The hall can be found a few doors up from the co-op. There is parking directly outside the hall. The door is at the side.


Visitors are welcome, they recommend you book a visit so a member of the team can spend time showing you around and answering any questions.. When visiting you can park outside the hall, the door is at the side and ring the doorbell. All children are welcome with their parents.


There is plenty of parking outside the hall.


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  • Mother of Child

Our son has grown in confidence tenfold since going to Overton Children's House. This speech and comprehension has got a lot better and aged (just) three he can say days of week, count to twenty and spell his name. They provide healthy snacks and encourage the children to eat properly with good manners at lunch. The teachers are caring, understanding and very good with all of the children going beyond the call of duty when circumstances arise. Our son loves his days there and I love his smiley happy face when i pick him up. A genuinely happy place.

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19 Child Vacancies

posted 10 May 2018

We take children from 2 years till 7. We operate term time only 9-3 and 9-12.30 on Wednesday.

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