Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court

2 Piazza Buildings, Empress State, Empress Approach, London SW6 1TW

Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court, London, London
Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court, London, London
Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court, London, London

Kiddi Caru is not just a day nursery; it’s a great start in life!

This nursery is bright, homely and spacious with a fantastic outside area for children to enjoy; an environment that is safe and secure.

The welfare of the children in care is paramount and through an excellent keycarer system professionals are able to ensure that the individual needs of every child are met.

As well as providing all the activities you would expect from a top-quality nursery, the team also offer extra curriculum activities such as yoga, French, music & movement and sing & sign. They believe these activities are simply part of a quality brand and should be enjoyed by all children – therefore these programmes are provided at no extra cost.

Group: Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries

Person in charge: Tracey Dobson (Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Service Offered: Day Nursery (Privately Owned), Open all year, Full Day Care

Total Places for Children: 104

Age Range: from 0 years 3 months to 5 years 0 months

Opening Days: Mon-Fri

Opening Hours: 0730-1830

When Closed: Bank Holidays & Christmas


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6.8 Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court has a Review Score of 6.8 (6.798)

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Reviewer Connection to Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court

  • Mother of Child

I first visited this nursery in April of this year while I was pregnant I really liked the nursery setting it was very clean, well laid out for the children and there were plenty of toys and resources in all the rooms and the staff seemed very friendly and took a keen interest in me and asked questions about when I was due and did I know what I was having, I have just come back from another visit now and my baby girl is here :) There is a new manager who is very very nice and I can say she has had a great effect on the nursery, there are changes there now which I think from seeing it before have enhanced the nursery even more and I more than happy to register and I will do so.

How likely would you be to recommend Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court? Extremely Likely

Average Rating: 

 4.6 out of 5

Overall Standard: Excellent

Facilities / Outside Space: Good

Learning: Good

Resources / Equipment / ICT: Good

Care: Excellent

Activities: Good

Staff: Excellent

Food / Nutrition: Good

Management: Excellent

Cleanliness: Excellent

Safeguarding: Excellent

Value for Money: Excellent

Paid for our daughter to start and unfortunately the day she was due to start they had a fire alarm going off and due to the nurseries unorganistaion she didn't start here and they took from us the £150 we paid and she didn't even get an hour free. Absolutely disgusting attitude to have for a kids place.

How likely would you be to recommend Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court? Extremely Unlikely

Average Rating: 

 2.9 out of 5

Overall Standard: Satisfactory

Facilities / Outside Space: Excellent

Learning: Poor

Resources / Equipment / ICT: Satisfactory

Care: Very Poor

Activities: Satisfactory

Staff: Satisfactory

Food / Nutrition: Good

Management: Very Poor

Cleanliness: Excellent

Safeguarding: Good

Value for Money: Very Poor

Caron Moseley, Marketing Manager at Kiddi Caru Day Nursery London, Earls Court responded to this review on 18 Jan 2016:

Dear Rena

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to read that you are unhappy with your little ones settle with us. On the time of your settling in session a fire alarm did happen to go off and our staff followed the necessary procedures to ensure the safety of the children in our care were evacuated promptly and efficiently. Additional settles we believe were discussed with yourself and offered, but were declined. As part of our registration process, we require a £100 deposit and £50 registration fee payable prior to little ones starting with us.

We take pride in our nursery and have always received positive feedback with regards to the care and education we provide to all the children that attend our nursery.

We would like to wish you and your family all the best for the future.

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