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Children's Place Day Nurseries is a respected brand across the West Yorkshire region, thanks to a commitment to quality care and education and strong community links. The company philosophy is to place children at the heart of all decisions taken, with clearly defined care objectives and staff that are trained to support all aspects of the EYFS. Staff want to see children develop as confident learners, within happy, secure and stimulating environments, overseen by professionals who also build strong relationships with parents.


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Children's Place Owlet

Owlet Children and Family Centre, Barncroft, off Owlet Road, Windhill, Shipley

Children's Place Owlet believes in a fun and challenging provision, combining excellent childcare with a rich education and making the most of strong community links. Maintaining a happy… more

Review Score 9.9
from 19 Reviews
My review of the nursery is overall very good. My daughter is still settling in, the staff and her… (Monday 27 Mar 2017)

Children's Place Gateway

43 Thackeray Road, Bradford

Review Score 9.9
from 13 Reviews
I was very anxious about my son starting because I thought there wouldn't be many staff but now a… (Wednesday 21 Jun 2017)

Children's Place Ravensthorpe

Netherfield Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury

Children's Place Ravensthorpe offers a happy and caring environment within which children can explore and learn about the world, with access to a range of play resources and encouragement… more

Review Score 9.8
from 31 Reviews
I'm very happy with this nursery. All staff are very friendly and careful with children and… (Tuesday 9 May 2017)

Children's Place St James

St James Church Primary School, Chelwood Drive, Allerton, Bradford

Children's Place St James has a secure and flexible facility that can enable for all key early years skills to develop positively. Staff are up-to-date with Ofsted requirements and the… more

Review Score 9.8
from 7 Reviews
My son has the most amazing time. Experienced teachers (nurses) who are caring with a professional… (Friday 24 Mar 2017)

Children's Place Spring Cottage

Spring Cottage Nursery at HRI, North Drive, Lindley, Huddersfield

Children's Place Spring Cottage is a friendly service where children enjoy a rich range of play and learning, including sensory play, outdoor play and storytelling. A key person system… more

Review Score 9.8
from 21 Reviews
Our son has been coming to Spring Cottage for just over a year. He has developed so much and the… (Thursday 23 Mar 2017)

Children's Place Summerfield

6 Summerfield Road, Bradford

Review Score 9.7
from 6 Reviews
My youngest son used this nursery and was gutted when it closed. My daughter is already forward but… (Monday 24 Apr 2017)

Children's Place Daisy Hill

Lynfield Mount, Heights Lane, Bradford

Children's Place Daisy Hill is a well-established nursery with an excellent record for providing quality childcare for staff of the Bradford Royal Infirmary, working in partnership with… more

Review Score 9.7
from 27 Reviews
Children's Place is a brilliant nursery. Since my child has been coming to Children's Place… (Thursday 1 Jun 2017)

Children's Place Burnett Fields

BF Children & Family Centre, 42 Greaves Street, Little Horton, Bradford

Children's Place Burnett Fields has exciting and well-equipped play rooms, including quiet areas and sensory play, writing and painting areas, book corners and sand and water play. A… more

Review Score 9.5
from 10 Reviews
This is a great nursery I'm pleased with the service they are providing. Both my daughters attend… (Wednesday 17 May 2017)

Children's Place Halifax

The Poplars, Free School Lane, Halifax

Children's Place Halifax offers a stimulating environment, where children can learn and develop in a secure and happy atmosphere, enjoying a wide range of activities and interests. The… more

Review Score 9.2
from 13 Reviews
My son has attended the Halifax Children's Place for nearly a year now and he has settled in really… (Friday 12 May 2017)

Children's Place Heaton

83 Leylands Lane, Heaton, Bradford

Children's Place Heaton makes the most of a bright and spacious interior and woodland surroundings to inspire children's imagination and abilities during this crucial time in their development. Well-equipped… more

Review Score 8.4
from 3 Reviews
This nursery has done so well with my son. He has come on leaps and bounds and I am so happy with… (Tuesday 25 Apr 2017)

Children's Place Barkerend

Barkerend Children's Centre, 365 Barkerend Road, Bradford

Children's Place Barkerend are skilled in childcare and learning, including for enhanced specialist provisions. There are exciting indoor and outdoor environments, designed and resourced… more

Review Score 8
from 3 Reviews
My experience is quite good. My child has been there for approximately one and a half years. He is… (Thursday 11 May 2017)

Children's Place Dewsbury

Dewsbury and District Hospital, Halifax Road, Dewsbury

Children's Place Dewsbury is committed to meeting the needs of parents and families with flexible provision, making the most of bright and versatile play rooms that all have free-flow access. Staff… more

Review Score 7.8
from 1 Review
With two children, my relationship as a customer has lasted five years. In this time, The… (Thursday 18 May 2017)

Children's Place Great Horton

Great Horton Village Hall, 69 Beldon Road, Bradford

Children's Place Great Horton offers quality childcare and educational places for children aged two-years-old. Their team of qualified and caring staff take pride in providing children… more

Children's Place Mayfield

The Mayfield Centre, Broadway, Bradford

Children's Place Mayfield is committed to early years experiences that last a lifetime. The team are highly-qualified and focus on helping children get the best start to education, aided… more