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Treetops Nurseries Ltd offer compassionate, professional care for children in a fun and loving environment. Established in 1991, the Treetops family has grown, now providing childcare to over 4,500 children, with over 1,200 childcare professionals.

Staff have a real passion for childcare and pride themselves on delivering Outstanding childcare every day. Staff genuinely want to work with parents to offer each child the best. Treetops gain great satisfaction in the knowledge the company has given hundreds of children the best possible start in life.


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Treetops Nursery Sandy

7 Medusa Way, Sandy

Treetops Nursery Sandy is registered to welcome up to seventy children, providing a fun and stimulating learning environment that is ideal for each age group. The nursery was rated… more

Review Score 9.9
from 37 Reviews
My daughter loves her days at nursery. She is in the 'Bear Cubs' room and thoroughly enjoys… (Saturday 4 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery Ltd (Ashbourne)

13 Derby Road, Ashbourne

Ashbourne Nursery offers many fantastic facilities for the children in its care. There is a gorgeous, homely baby room complete with sofa, chandelier and fireplace, where staff are trained… more

Review Score 9.8
from 29 Reviews
Treetops nursery are a fantastic nursery. Both my children have attended this nursery. The staff… (Wednesday 22 Mar 2017)

Treetops Oakwood Nursery (Derby)

382 Bishops Drive, Oakwood, Derby

Treetops Oakwood Nursery (Derby) is registered with Ofsted to offer childcare provision for up to 65 children in a pleasant environment, staffed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals. The… more

Review Score 9.8
from 76 Reviews
Generally really good care of our daughter with excellent staff. The only significant area for… (Tuesday 28 Feb 2017)

Treetops Caterpillar Nursery (Deeping St James)

The Rundles, 100 Bridge Street, Deeping St James, Peterborough

Caterpillar Day Nursery - (Deeping St James) offers each child an environment in which they are able to develop a love of learning and creativity. The nursery was graded 'Outstanding' by… more

Review Score 9.8
from 28 Reviews
We chose this nursery for a number of reasons including having a niece and nephew already there… (Friday 21 Oct 2016)

Treetops Gibfield Lane Nursery (Belper)

1 Gibfield Lane, Belper

Tree Tops Nursery makes a massive contribution to childcare and nursery education to parents in the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire, welcoming up to 90 service users of pre-school age to… more

Review Score 9.8
from 43 Reviews
Our daughter has been attending Treetops since she was 10 months old and we have been very pleased… (Tuesday 14 Mar 2017)

Treetops Nurseries - (Barlborough)

Ash Close, Barlborough Links, Chesterfield

Treetops Nurseries Ltd - Barlborough provides children with a range of age appropriate activities and facilities for their education and enjoyment. The nursery features a large spacious… more

Review Score 9.8
from 19 Reviews
We loved it here from day one since the induction day and my daughter loves coming here. She has… (Thursday 5 Jan 2017)

Queen of Hearts Nursery and Pre-School

122 Rockingham Road, Kettering

Queen of Hearts Nursery School, in Kettering, offers a homely environment that is staffed and equipped for focused early years learning. Children are able to develop at their own pace,… more

Review Score 9.7
from 26 Reviews
Our children are well cared for and supported by all the nursery staff, they enjoy their time there… (Saturday 11 Mar 2017)

Treetops Silvertrees Nursery

40 Ashbourne Road, Derby

Treetops Silvertrees Nursery is a Ofsted rated Outstanding (October 2016) childcare service which offers a wide range of play activities and resources to children, all designed to support… more

Review Score 9.7
from 42 Reviews
As a first time mother, I was nervous about putting my child in the nursery. Since she has… (Wednesday 15 Feb 2017)

Vicar Water Day Nursery - (Mansfield)

123 Mansfield Road, Clipstone Village, Mansfield

Vicar Water Nursery provides a stimulating and comfortable environment for children to play and learn, in a nursery Ofsted graded OUTSTANDING in March 2014. The nursery has a baby unit… more

Review Score 9.7
from 16 Reviews
My little boy has been attending this nursery for 20 months now. He is absolutely flourishing… (Tuesday 28 Feb 2017)

Treetops Cheltenham, Prestbury Road Nursery provides care and education for children aged between three months and five years. Located in Cheltenham, the private nursery is open all… more

Review Score 9.7
from 16 Reviews
Our son has been attending this nursery since he was 10 months old. We've been very pleased with… (Friday 24 Feb 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Northfields)

283/287 Windmill Road, Northfields, Ealing, London

Treetops Northfields offer a caring and supportive environment, in which children are able to learn and develop, enjoying both self-directed and group-led activities, carried out by a qualified… more

Review Score 9.7
from 7 Reviews
The staff are so caring at Northfields. The manager is welcoming and takes a wonderful interest in… (Wednesday 8 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery - (Epsom)

12 The Parade, Epsom

Treetops Nursery - (Epsom) focuses on a strong partnership with parents and other outside agencies, as part of an on-going commitment to high early years standards. A versatile service… more

Review Score 9.7
from 15 Reviews
Treetops is a lovely nursery and our children (now into their third year) remain happy and settled.… (Tuesday 7 Mar 2017)

Treetops Oaklands Nursery (Neston)

Liverpool Road, Fiveways, Neston

Oaklands nursery has recently been refurbished and has so many wonderful facilities for you and your child to enjoy... * Separate gardens for the different aged group children to free… more

Review Score 9.7
from 11 Reviews
The staff at Oaklands are fantastic with my 2.5 year old daughter and 10 month old son who attend… (Wednesday 1 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery Worksop

Celtic Point, Worksop

This nursery has so many wonderful learning opportunities for your child to enjoy........... * A large activity hall. * An art studio specially designed to encourage children's creative… more

Review Score 9.6
from 31 Reviews
Overall, a good nursery, nice staff and friendly.… (Monday 10 Oct 2016)

Treetops Nursery Teddington

52 Church Road, Teddington

Treetops Nursery Teddington is registered with Ofsted to look after up to sixty-three children, all of whom benefit from age-specific activities in a well-staffed and equipped nursery,… more

Review Score 9.6
from 14 Reviews
Treetops Nursery has always been a good place for our child. He is content and the environments are… (Tuesday 28 Feb 2017)

Alton Manor Day Nursery offers professional childcare and a positive learning environment for up to 90 children in the Amber Valley area of Derbyshire. Children are cared for and learn… more

Review Score 9.6
from 23 Reviews
My daughter loves her carers in nursery, and I always feel happy knowing she is being well taken… (Friday 17 Mar 2017)

Treetops Beechwood Nursery (Bromborough)

7 Plymyard Avenue, Bromborough, Wirral

At Treetops Beechwood they love to play, create and educate together. Each child has their own key carer within their own age appropriate room, which means that every child enjoys the… more

Review Score 9.6
from 12 Reviews
My older child came to this nursery 2 years ago and now my 2 year does. I have moved since too, but… (Friday 10 Mar 2017)

Treetops Nursery - (Sutton)

128 Grove Road, Sutton

Treetops Nursery Grove Road is a nursery service that looks to contribute in a positive and healthly manner to the early years of children from the Sutton community, through trained and… more

Review Score 9.6
from 8 Reviews
Treetops nursery Sutton is a fantastic nursery that I cannot recommend highly enough. My son loves… (Thursday 2 Mar 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Irby)

37 Thingwall Road, Irby, Wirral

Treetops Day Nursery - (Irby) provides full day or sessional care for children aged from birth to five years and has been graded 'Outstanding' by Ofsted in January 2017. Dedicated, qualified… more

Review Score 9.5
from 8 Reviews
My daughter has been attending Treetops Day Nursery - (Irby) for a year now. She is extremely happy… (Tuesday 6 Dec 2016)

Treetops 2A The Grove

2A The Grove, Ealing, London

Happy Child 2A The Grove Nursery employs a friendly and experienced team of childcare practitioners, dedicated to supporting positive parent partnerships and helping all children on the… more

Review Score 9.5
from 21 Reviews
My daughter started attending Treetops 2A The Grove in Sept 2016 (at the age of 2.5 years) and has… (Sunday 19 Feb 2017)

Treetops Brookbank Nursery (Hyde)

239 Mottram Road, Godley, Hyde

Brookbank Day Nursery is a Grade II listed house that has been purposely converted into a nursery environment, being recognised as ideal for a fun and stimulating atmosphere, with pleasant… more

Review Score 9.5
from 13 Reviews
Brookbank has been a fantastic, caring, reassuring start to my son's childcare and development.… (Friday 17 Feb 2017)

Sunny Corner Nursery - (Birmingham)

146 Haunch Lane, Kings Heath, Birmingham

This nursery has a wonderful warm, homely atmosphere and lots of facilities for you and your child to enjoy.............. * A beautiful garden has recently been refurbished to create a… more

Review Score 9.5
from 14 Reviews
Staff are lovely, kind and compassionate women who clearly love their job and the children love… (Tuesday 6 Dec 2016)

Treetops Cheltenham, Wellington Road Nursery is located in Gloucester and offers 90 places for children, aged from new born to eight years old. Since it opened in 1996, the nursery manager… more

Review Score 9.5
from 9 Reviews
My daughter has been going to Treetops since she was 8 months old. She enjoys going to the nursery… (Wednesday 18 Jan 2017)

Treetops Nursery - (Dudley)

7 Manderston Close, off Dibdale Road West, Dudley

Treetops Nursery - (Dudley) of 7 Manderston Close in Dudley is dedicated to helping parents in the local community with their childcare needs and busy lifestyles, providing a versatile… more

Review Score 9.4
from 16 Reviews
High-quality childcare. Friendly and informative staff team. Would highly recommend.… (Tuesday 28 Feb 2017)

Treetops Grove Nursery - (Leeds)

28 Grove Road, Headingley, Leeds

Ofsted awarded Grove nursery Good, with 2 areas of Outstanding. * Self evaluation. * Continuous improvement. This nursery has many wonderful facilities for you to enjoy including... *… more

Review Score 9.4
from 5 Reviews
My little boy moved to Treetops due to a change in location for my wife's job. Right from the… (Wednesday 1 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery (Birlingham)

Willow Rise, Eckington Road, Birlingham, Pershore

Treetops Nursery Birlingham run a thorough and versatile nursery service that goes to great extent to suit the needs of parents with pre-school children, with a self-contained baby unit,… more

Review Score 9.3
from 12 Reviews
My little boy has been at the nursery several months now. He settled in quickly and seems to enjoy… (Thursday 23 Feb 2017)

Treetops Acorns Nursery (Bolton)

Acorns Children's Centre, Lostock Lane, Lostock, Bolton

Acorns Day Nursery is part of the Treetops Nurseries family and is registered with Ofsted to welcome admissions for up to seventy-eight children. A team of skilled child carers are… more

Review Score 9.3
from 10 Reviews
My daughter currently attends Treetops Acorns Nursery (Bolton) and I have nothing but good things… (Thursday 9 Mar 2017)

Treetops Nursery Toton

Minton Close, off Swiney Way, Toton, Nottingham

Treetops Nursery, Toton is purpose-built and has been regularly updated to suit modern childcare and nursery standards, complete with an extensive range of learning and play resources,… more

Review Score 9.2
from 6 Reviews
Our daughter thoroughly enjoys going to nursery. The staff are caring and friendly. The atmosphere… (Friday 28 Oct 2016)

Treetops Hopscotch Nursery (Chester)

Parkgate Road, Chester

OFSTED AWARDED THIS NURSERY A FULL OUTSTANDING REPORT IN JANUARY 2011 AND AGAIN IN MAY 2013! The nursery has so many wonderful facilities for you to enjoy.................. * A large… more

Review Score 9.1
from 5 Reviews
My son has been attending Hopscotch for just over a year now and we are very happy with all aspects… (Tuesday 17 Jan 2017)

Treetops Nursery Tewkesbury - (Gloucester)

7 Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury

Treetops Nursery Tewkesbury is a sixty-one capacity nursery, set up to provide a flexible learning environment for pre-school children, who benefit from staff skilled in safeguarding the… more

Review Score 9.1
from 6 Reviews
Always excellent, enthusiastic and welcoming to both myself and my daughter. Great to have such a… (Wednesday 28 Dec 2016)

Treetops 2B The Grove

2B The Grove, Ealing, London

Treetops 2B The Grove employs a team who show a strong passion for quality childcare, offering a stimulating environment that is ideal for the challenges of early years learning. Each… more

Review Score 9.1
from 7 Reviews
I'm so happy with the care provided by both 2a and 2b in Treetops 2B The Grove. My 2-year-old in 2a… (Wednesday 15 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery - (Gloucester)

10 Denmark Road, Gloucester

Treetops Nursery Gloucester is a friendly and homely nursery environment, well-equipped to take on early years childcare needs in a secure setting where children can confidently learn and… more

Review Score 9.1
from 6 Reviews
My daughter has been coming to Treetops for a few weeks now and I feel very comfortable leaving her… (Wednesday 2 Nov 2016)

Treetops Biggleswade

The Saxon Centre, Kingsfield Road, Biggleswade

Treetops Biggleswade is part of a growing childcare brand, respected throughout the day nursery sector and the families who have benefited from positive childcare and learning environments… more

Review Score 9
from 12 Reviews
Fantastic place to bring children, our son has developed so much and the staff are warm and… (Friday 17 Feb 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (St Neots)

4 Marlborough Road, Colmworth Business Park, Gt North Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots

Treetops Nursery St Neots is registered with Ofsted to welcome up to ninety-three children, being well-located within the local community to support the busy lives of parents while ensuring… more

Review Score 9
from 9 Reviews
My 2 children have attended Treetops Day Nursery - (St Neots) since they were 9 months old and have… (Wednesday 8 Mar 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Matlock)

Chesterfield Road, Matlock

Treetops Nursery, in Matlock, is a refurbished 82 capacity nursery that has been purpose-built in order to provide children with extensive and age-focused play and learning, committed to… more

Review Score 9
from 15 Reviews
I have a very pleasant experience with Treetops Day Nursery. All staff are very friendly and… (Friday 10 Feb 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Ealing Common)

Woodgrange Avenue, Ealing Common, London

Treetops Ealing Common provides a service based around recognising each child as an individual, focused on an early years education that empowers children and helps them on the way to achieving… more

Review Score 9
from 5 Reviews
Our 11 month old son started the nursery in November. As a first time mother I was very nervous… (Tuesday 29 Nov 2016)

Treetops Castle Garden Nursery (Duffield)

King Street, Duffield, Belper

Castle Garden Day Nursery - (Duffield) has an environment in which children can enjoy playing and being creative, overseen by their own key carer. All rooms are age-appropriate and resourced… more

Review Score 9
from 7 Reviews
I've been really impressed with the care and learning experience provided by The Clever Clogs… (Wednesday 15 Feb 2017)

Treetops Nursery - (Fulham)

57 Filmer Road, Fulham, London

A Fulham Nursery with a difference, this spacious and recently refurbished nursery provides an exciting and engaging environment for your child. It combines gorgeous, homely rooms such… more

Review Score 8.7
from 7 Reviews
We are so pleased with Treetops nursery in Fulham. The outside space is probably the best nursery… (Monday 30 Jan 2017)

Treetops Mottingham Day Nursery

35 West Park, Eltham, London

Treetops Day Nursery is a friendly site with an experienced team, with excellent indoor and outdoor play and learning environments. The curriculum includes a wide range of activities, while… more

Review Score 8.5
from 5 Reviews
My eldest daughter attended for 2 years and was in both the toddler room and then the preschool.… (Saturday 8 Oct 2016)

Treetops Nursery - (Cheam)

Ewell Road, Cheam, Sutton

Treetops Nursery, located in Cheam, looks to provide a trusted and versatile service to parents from the surrounding community. The nursery adheres to a sound early years curriculum… more

Review Score 8.2
from 2 Reviews
We have been very happy with this nursery, and this is our second child to attend Treetops Nursery… (Monday 6 Feb 2017)

Treetops Pudsey Nursery - (Leeds)

Littlemoor House, Littlemoor Road, Pudsey

Treetops Nursery, in Pudsey, is a friendly service that offers qualified carers who are keen to make a difference to the lives of parents with pre-school children, maintaining a healthy… more

Review Score 8
from 1 Review
Our son has been at Pudsey Treetops for 3 and a half years. He is leaving in a few weeks to go to… (Friday 9 Sep 2016)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Harlesden)

59 Longstone Avenue, Harlesden, London

Treetops Harlesden Nursery provides places for children aged between three months and five years old. The nursery is located next to Roundwood Park which has benefitted from a refurbishment… more

Review Score 7.9
from 1 Review
My baby has been going to this nursery since September 2016 when he was 18 months old. It's been… (Wednesday 25 Jan 2017)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Harrow)

1b Francis Road, Harrow

Treetops Harrow offers a pleasant and comfortable play and learning environment, prioritising age-specific learning and the development of key early learning skills thanks to a versatile… more

Review Score 7.9
from 2 Reviews
My older daughter (now 5) has spent 3.5 years in this nursery. She was really happy there and had… (Thursday 20 Oct 2016)

Treetops Stotfold

The Grange, 70 High Street, Stotfold, Hitchin

Treetops Stotfold provides professional childcare in a fun and loving environment. The company looks to demonstrate its commitment to parents over the long-term, being a growing chain with… more

Review Score 7.8
from 8 Reviews
Our daughter attends this nursery 2 days a week and our eldest child the same before she moved on… (Sunday 26 Feb 2017)

Fitzsimmons Place Nursery

32 Portsmouth Road, Guildford

Established in 1995 and set in a delightful Victorian house within 1.5 acres of beautiful grounds, Fitzsimmons Place Nursery provides Guildford and the surrounding areas with day-care and… more

Review Score 4.9
from 7 Reviews
Fitzsimmons Place Nursery is an excellent nursery. It is conveniently located in central Guildford… (Friday 6 Nov 2015)

Treetops Day Nursery - (Kenton)

268B Kenton Road, Harrow

Treetops Day Nursery - Kenton has an open, light and stimulating interior, complemented by a large, outdoor environment that combine to make for a positive early years experience, overseen… more

Treetops Day Nursery - (Kilburn)

2 Victoria Road, Kilburn, London

Treetops Kilburn offers a fun and stimulating atmosphere, making a significant contribution to parents in the surrounding community. Each child has their own key person to safeguard… more

Treetops West Ealing Nursery

Green Man Passage, Off Bayham Road, West Ealing, London

Treetops West Ealing Day Nursery is set in two buildings together on Green Man Passage. Both the baby unit and the preschool operate in a vibrant and secure environment. Indoor and… more