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Sue Learner, Nicola Woolford, Ellie Spanswick, Melissa McAlees, Angeline Albert, Charley Walker
Toy guns: 'Children have an innate, inquisitive nature to explore good and bad, right and wrong'
Toy guns: 'Children have an innate, inquisitive nature to explore good and bad, right and wrong'
Playing with toy guns is a controversial subject within the early years sector. It can provoke a sharp intake of breath when mentioned in certain company, and many nursery settings adopt a zero-tolerance approach. Carla Coward, a nursery teacher at Westcourt Primary... Read more
Children enjoy meat free meals as more nurseries go vegetarian
Nurseries across the UK are adapting to the changing lifestyles and requirements of the families who use them. With the threat of childhood obesity, diabetes and tooth decay facing families across the UK, many are taking steps to make their lifestyles and diets healthier... Read more
Nurseries reminded to chop up grapes after doctors warn of choking hazard
Nurseries are being reminded to chop up all small fruit and vegetables such as grapes and cherry tomatoes, after doctors warned that a lack of awareness by parents and childcare practitioners is putting young children at risk. Dr Jamie Cooper and Dr Amy Lumsden from... Read more
Do young children today experience any free, unstructured child-led play?
Do young children today experience any free, unstructured child-led play?
Play is recognised as being essential to children’s development, yet it is vital that children get to experience both structured, adult-led play as well as free child-led play. The question is does free child-led play exist anymore? Child-led play is crucial as it... Read more
Nursery burglaries leave 'distressed' managers wondering how to keep settings safe
A string of burglaries at nine nurseries and schools across Southampton has led to at least one manager wondering what she can do to stop the break-ins. With cash, laptops and keys among the items stolen from nurseries between 22 November and 7 December, thieves also... Read more
Children's new year resolutions: 'We won't whine, cry or throw parmesan cheese around'
We’ve all heard the half-hearted tiresome pledges of grown-ups to join a gym or save money at the start of a new year, but this new year’s resolution is uttered by children who seem to understand the depths of their crimes and are determined to keep their promises.... Read more
Childbase Partnership gives nursery staff pay rise above Living Wage
A rise in the National Living Wage at Childbase Partnership to £7.61 per hour has had nursery practitioners celebrating as the Government announced the new rate of £7.50 for next year. Pay rises at the beginning of November have given the company’s lowest earners over... Read more
Children's future success predicted by brain tests at age of three
Children's future success predicted by brain tests at age of three
A child’s chance of success in later life can be predicted by brain tests at the age of three, new research suggests. According to a study published in the journal, Nature Human Behaviour, low cognitive test scores indicate less developed brains, possibly caused by... Read more
Jobs & Recruitment
Language expert urges nursery practitioners not to simplify their language for children
Nursery practitioners are being advised to boost children’s language skills by using words they don’t understand instead of deliberately using simple words. Early years language expert, Michael Jones, believes there is a huge need to improve children’s vocabulary.... Read more
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Schemas and the 2-year-old
Date: 31 Jan 2017
Location: Focus on Learning, Albany Teaching & Learning Centre, Albany Village Primary School, Crossgill, Washington, Tyne & Wear NE37 1UA
Childcare Expo London 2017
Date: 03 Mar 2017 - 04 Mar 2017
Location: London Olympia
International Festival of Childhood
Date: 29 Jun 2017 - 02 Jul 2017
Location: Bath
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10 Most Read News Articles of the Month
1 Almost three quarters of parents with a child with a learning disability 'feel unwelcome in public'
2 Academics to explore whether iPads are beneficial for children's development
3 Government launches sepsis awareness campaign to save young lives
4 Children with autism could receive earlier diagnosis and intervention as scientists discover potential cause
5 Babies are missing out on vital health checks because of public health budget cuts
6 Pregnancy has 'long-lasting' effect on women's brain structure
7 Early years education 'much improved' says Ofsted chief
8 'Kangaroo' care increases intelligence and improves behaviour in children and young adults
9 Christmas babies get biblical names like Noah, parents' poll reveals
10 Government awards over £2m to projects tackling abuse affecting children
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