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'Oral storytelling is one of the most important things you can do with a child', says children's author Emma Chichester Clark

Richard Howard, News Editor (04-Feb-15)

Children's picture book author, Emma Chichester Clark, best known for her books about a toy called Blue Kangaroo, is calling on nurseries not to overlook the art of storytelling. Experienced in writing.....    read full article

Profile: 'We have never turned away a child with special educational needs,' says Kiddi Caru SENCO

Nina Hathway, News Editor (16-Dec-14)

The role of a special needs coordinator is extremely demanding. Not only are Special Educational Co-ordinators (SENCOs) instrumental in helping spot young children with special educational needs, but they also have to support both.....    read full article

Children's author Jez Alborough: 'Digital books will never replace interactive experience of picture books'

Sue Learner, News Editor (01-Dec-14)

Best-selling picture book writer and illustrator, Jez Alborough, is a very familiar name to parents and nursery staff all over the UK. His books such as Hug, Duck in the Truck and Where’s My Teddy are much.....    read full article

Profile: 'I know the story is a success when the children ignore me completely and just talk to the puppets,' says innovative Scottish storyteller

Nina Hathway, News Editor (06-Aug-14)

Story telling is an age old art and one that remains important in today’s early year settings. Scottish story teller, Ailie Findlay, the co-founder of the Flotsam & Jetsam storytelling and puppet theatre company, is increasingly.....    read full article

Profile: Bringing Up Baby nurseries celebrate 25 years as 'small caring group'

Julia Corbett, News Editor (05-Jun-14)

Anne de Zoysa founded nursery group Bringing Up Baby in 1989 after finding a lack of suitable childcare facilities for her two-year-old son in her area. Along with another parent, Ms de Zoysa set up the first Bringing Up Baby nursery.....    read full article

Profile: Bright Horizons chief Carole Edmond on how acquisition and innovation is impacting the company

Nina Hathway, News Editor (07-May-14)

One of the nursery sector’s leading providers, Bright Horizons Family Solutions has doubled its size in the last 18 months and now runs no fewer than 207 nurseries in the UK and Ireland. This expansion is due in part to strategic.....    read full article

Spanish Nursery bosses criticise no touch policies in nurseries as 'harmful to children'

Sue Learner, News Editor (06-Mar-14)

Aliette Fenton Sharp and Carmen Rampersad opened The Spanish Nursery and Children’s Centre for Culture and Language in North London in January 2013. The nursery is very warm and nurturing and it is a strong.....    read full article

Profile: 4Children boss calls for pupil premium to be extended to early years

Sue Learner, News Editor (06-Feb-14)

Anne Longfield has been the chief executive of 4Children for two decades and during this time, the charity, which gives support to children and families, has influenced a number of key Government policies. This.....    read full article

Profile: Nurseries association boss urges Government rethink saying school is not right place for a young child

Sue Learner, News Editor (08-Jan-14)

The chief executive of National Day Nurseries Association has spoken out in the wake of a drive by the Government to encourage more schools to take two-year-olds. The Department for Education is currently.....    read full article

Profile: Male workers still not welcome in some nurseries, says Paint Pots Nurseries boss

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Dec-13)

David Wright, who runs Paint Pots Nurseries in Southampton with his wife Anna, is doing his utmost to change the all-too prevalent attitude that “childcare is not a viable option for men”. He seems to have.....    read full article

Profile: ‘ICT engages children who might otherwise not be interested,’ says childcare director at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries

Nina Hathway, News Editor (06-Nov-13)

Some nurseries in the UK have taken the decision not to add screen based devices to the nursery environment, claiming they encourage sedentary behaviour. However Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries believes ICT plays.....    read full article

Profile: Government urged by Pre-School Learning Alliance chief to address high levels of 'discontent and anger' in early years sector

Sue Learner, News Editor (10-Oct-13)

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-School Learning Alliance is calling on the Government to address the high levels of ‘discontent and anger’ in the early years sector. It has been a busy year for the.....    read full article

Profile: Chief of London Early Years Foundation is tired of the Government criticising 'nurseries and saying we are not as good as the French'

Sue Learner, News Editor (09-Sep-13)

June O’Sullivan, chief executive of the London Early Years Foundation, which runs 24 nurseries in London, is urging the Government to give the early years sector more recognition and praise. Ms O’Sullivan,.....    read full article

Profile: 'I am blown away by the impact forest schools have, particularly on boys,' says Acorn Childcare founder

Sue Learner, News Editor (08-Aug-13)

Outdoor learning and forest schools are a huge part of Acorn Childcare nurseries run by Zoe Raven, who has taken children to the woods, unused to walking on uneven ground as they have only ever walked on pavements. Ms.....    read full article

Profile: Montessori chief gives up on dream of Montessori primary schools after finding ‘levels of resistance’ too much

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Jul-13)

In an exclusive interview with, Philip Bujak, chief executive of The Montessori St Nicholas Charity, has revealed he has given up on his dream of setting up Montessori state funded primary schools. Talking.....    read full article

Profile: Co-operative Childcare to invest 'serious time' into recruiting more male staff

Laura McCardle, News Editor (06-Jun-13)

Mike Abbott’s passion for the childcare sector led him to accept the role of group manager at the Co-operative Childcare when the organisation was searching for someone to oversee its expansion. He comes.....    read full article

New PACEY president hopes childminders and nurseries will find 'more commonalities than differences'

Sue Learner, News Editor (09-May-13)

Penny Tassoni, the new president of PACEY, faces a tough challenge. She has been picked to lead the organisation, formerly known as the NCMA (National Childminding Association), after it was rebranded and expanded to represent nurseries.....    read full article

Profile: Mike Thompson reveals why he turned Childbase into an employee-owned company

Sue Learner, News Editor (08-Apr-13)

In 2001, Mike Thompson, chief executive took the bold decision to turn the nursery chain Childbase Partnership into an employee-owned company. Twelve years later and the company which employs 1,343 employees in 41 day nurseries, is now.....    read full article

Profile: Male nursery worker reveals how he faced sexism and prejudice working in the childcare sector

Sue Learner, News Editor (07-Mar-13)

Mocked as ‘Jane’ by his childcare teachers and asked whether he would ‘be able to fit in as one of the girls’ at a job interview, John Warren has become used to the sexism that seems all too prevalent in the childcare sector. He.....    read full article

Profile: Boss of leading childcare broker discusses market trends in childcare sector

Sue Learner, News Editor (06-Feb-13)

The National Day Nurseries Association recently published a gloomy report into the sustainability of the nursery sector, revealing that 13 per cent of nurseries expect to make a loss this year. However Andrew.....    read full article