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As study links higher IQ and breastfeeding, Dr Christian Jessen assures mums not breastfeeding, ‘your baby will be fine’

Julia Corbett, News Editor (30-Mar-15)

A recent study has claimed the longer a baby is breastfed for the more likely they are to have a higher IQ, earn more and spend longer in education than those who are not. However, some people have claimed.....    read full article

Mandatory first aid paediatric training for all nursery staff following tragic nursery death

Sue Learner, News Editor (12-Mar-15)

All newly qualified staff with a childcare level 2 and 3 qualification will be required to have an emergency paediatric first aid or full paediatric first aid certificate, under new Government proposals. The.....    read full article

Childcare minister announces £2m funding for integrated early years and health checks

Sue Learner, News Editor (11-Mar-15)

Childcare minister, Sam Gyimah, has announced funding of £2.2m for local authorities to help them implement the new joined-up early years and health checks for two-year-olds. The reforms will give parents.....    read full article

Childcare minister praises nurseries for setting a 'consistently high bar'

Sue Learner, News Editor (04-Mar-15)

Childcare Minister Sam Gyimah held a reception for over 120 early years professionals to thank them for helping him in his “moral mission” to give parents the best possible childcare. The guests, which included.....    read full article

Disadvantaged children must be made a priority by new Government, says Lords Committee

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (24-Feb-15)

The incoming Government has been urged to consider the way the budget for childcare and early education is allocated by the Lords Committee. The House of Lords Committee for Affordable Childcare has expressed concern that the.....    read full article

Nick Clegg calls nursery leaders 'a bolshie lot'

Sue Learner, News Editor (20-Feb-15)

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg ended up calling nursery leaders “a bolshie lot” after he was harangued at an early years conference and forced to defend Government policies such as getting more two-year-olds into schools and the.....    read full article

Cost of nursery care rises 33 per cent in five years

Julia Corbett, News Editor (19-Feb-15)

The cost of a part time nursery place for under two-year-olds has risen by 33 per cent in the last five years, the Family and Childcare Trust has found. The average cost of part-time childcare for under.....    read full article

Only one in five parents read to their children before bedtime

Nina Hathway, News Editor (17-Feb-15)

Parents are failing to find the time to read to their children, with time-pressed mums feeling the burden more than most, according to new research Although three-quarters of parents believe that reading.....    read full article

Sex and relationships education should be statutory subject for five-year-olds

Julia Corbett, News Editor (17-Feb-15)

Age appropriate sex and relationships education (SRE) should be introduced as statutory subjects into primary school for children as young as five, the Education Committee has recommended. The Education.....    read full article

Ofsted sees new inspection framework as most significant change in its history

Richard Howard, News Editor (03-Feb-15)

England’s education regulator, Ofsted, has announced details of a new ‘Common Inspection Framework’ that all early years settings will be subject to, as well as schools and academies. The Framework will target making childcare.....    read full article

Petition launched against testing of four-year-olds

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (26-Jan-15)

In recent months, there has been growing concern in nurseries and among early years practitioners, regarding the proposed introduction of baseline assessments for four-year-olds. Early Education (The British Association for Early.....    read full article

Childcare minister urges councils to give nurseries business rate relief

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (16-Jan-15)

Fears about business rates for day nurseries raised by National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) have prompted minister for childcare, Sam Gyimah, to ask local councils in England to offer a discount to private day nurseries. The.....    read full article

Nurseries forced to increase fees to parents due to Government funding shortfall

Sue Learner, News Editor (15-Jan-15)

Nurseries are being forced to increase their fees to parents who pay for additional hours or for younger children not eligible for funded places to make up the funding shortfall, according to a new survey. The.....    read full article

Nursery staff could be asked to judge whether children are at risk of radicalisation

Richard Howard, News Editor (06-Jan-15)

A Government consultation document which accompanies the Coalition’s Counter-Terrorism Bill, has drawn criticism from numerous quarters for including a proposal that children with the potential for becoming terrorists should be spotted.....    read full article

Nurseries urged to check their webcams are secure

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Jan-15)

Nurseries are being urged to check the security of any webcams they use, in the wake of an incident where a Russian website streamed live footage from thousands of insecure webcams across the world. A growing.....    read full article

Government promises review of first aid training in nurseries after Millie Thompson’s death

Sue Learner, News Editor (16-Dec-14)

The Government has pledged to produce guidance on paediatric first aid training in nurseries and also hold a national review on mandatory training, after MPs debated the issue at Westminster Hall. The debate.....    read full article

Technology encourages boys and disadvantaged children to read for longer

Nina Hathway, News Editor (02-Dec-14)

Touch-screen technology could be a vital new weapon to combat low literacy levels in the key target groups of boys and disadvantaged children, according to new research published by the National Literacy Trust and Pearson......    read full article

Guidance for early years professionals integrating health and education reviews for two-years-olds issued

Julia Corbett, News Editor (24-Nov-14)

A resource pack has been produced to support early years professionals overseeing the integration of health and education development reviews for two-year-olds, due to be introduced in September 2015. The.....    read full article

Attainment gap still high between autumn and summer born children

Julia Corbett, News Editor (20-Nov-14)

Despite an improvement in the amount of children achieving a good level of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, an attainment gap remains between autumn and summer born children. The.....    read full article

Questions raised over independence of new Children’s Commissioner

Sue Learner, News Editor (10-Nov-14)

The new children's commissioner has been announced as Anne Longfield, current chief executive for the charity 4Children. However her independence was questioned before her selection by the Education Select.....    read full article