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Petition launched against testing of four year olds

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (26-Jan-15)

In recent months there has been growing concern in nurseries and early years practitioners regarding the proposed introduction of baseline assessments for four year olds. Early Education (The British Association for Early Childhood.....    read full article

Nursery staff could be asked to judge whether children are at risk of radicalisation

Richard Howard, News Editor (06-Jan-15)

A Government consultation document which accompanies the Coalition’s Counter-Terrorism Bill, has drawn criticism from numerous quarters for including a proposal that children with the potential for becoming terrorists should be spotted.....    read full article

Nurseries urged to check their webcams are secure

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Jan-15)

Nurseries are being urged to check the security of any webcams they use, in the wake of an incident where a Russian website streamed live footage from thousands of insecure webcams across the world. A growing.....    read full article

Government promises review of first aid training in nurseries after Millie Thompson’s death

Sue Learner, News Editor (16-Dec-14)

The Government has pledged to produce guidance on paediatric first aid training in nurseries and also hold a national review on mandatory training, after MPs debated the issue at Westminster Hall. The debate.....    read full article

Technology encourages boys and disadvantaged children to read for longer

Nina Hathway, News Editor (02-Dec-14)

Touch-screen technology could be a vital new weapon to combat low literacy levels in the key target groups of boys and disadvantaged children, according to new research published by the National Literacy Trust and Pearson......    read full article

Guidance for early years professionals integrating health and education reviews for two-years-olds issued

Julia Corbett, News Editor (24-Nov-14)

A resource pack has been produced to support early years professionals overseeing the integration of health and education development reviews for two-year-olds, due to be introduced in September 2015. The.....    read full article

Attainment gap still high between autumn and summer born children

Julia Corbett, News Editor (20-Nov-14)

Despite an improvement in the amount of children achieving a good level of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile, an attainment gap remains between autumn and summer born children. The.....    read full article

Questions raised over independence of new Children’s Commissioner

Sue Learner, News Editor (10-Nov-14)

The new children's commissioner has been announced as Anne Longfield, current chief executive for the charity 4Children. However her independence was questioned before her selection by the Education Select.....    read full article

New childcare minister says school-led nurseries will be at heart of Government education plan

Julia Corbett, News Editor (21-Oct-14)

Childcare and Education minister Sam Gyimah has outlined his plans to create greater partnerships between schools and private, voluntary and independent (PVI) providers to improve early years education in the childcare sector. In.....    read full article

Childcare minister says nurseries 'must do more' to make children school-ready

Sue Learner, News Editor (16-Oct-14)

Childcare and Education Minister Sam Gyimah, has said “more must be done” by nurseries to make sure children make good progress, after new figures showed too few children are ready for school. The statistics.....    read full article

Ofsted introduces common inspection framework to standardise nurseries, school and college inspections

Julia Corbett, News Editor (10-Oct-14)

From next September, Ofsted will introduce a new common inspection framework, which is set to standardise their inspections across nurseries, schools and colleges. It is hoped the new standardised approach will help parents compare.....    read full article

Childhood being eroded as parents of four-year-olds worry they are 'falling behind'

Sue Learner, News Editor (23-Sep-14)

A group of early years experts, teachers and parents are “increasingly concerned at the pressure that is being placed on children as young as four”, with the target culture in schools creating ‘pushy’ parents who worry their child.....    read full article

'Unacceptable' that only half of five-year-olds achieve good level of development

Sue Learner, News Editor (23-Sep-14)

A Government adviser on health inequality has called it “unacceptable” that only just over half of five-year-olds achieve a good level of development. Sir Michael Marmot, director of the University College.....    read full article

Risk needed in children’s play to teach them to cope with the unpredictable

Sue Learner, News Editor (22-Sep-14)

Risk needs to be present in children’s play, warns an academic, who says “an overemphasis on safety” could lead to “the emergence of a generation of young people that is less and less able to cope with the unpredictable”. A.....    read full article

Early years leaders welcome Lib Dem pledge to more than triple early years pupil premium

Richard Howard, News Editor (26-Aug-14)

A manifesto commitment from the Liberal Democrats to triple the early years pupil premium has been welcomed by the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The early years pupil premium, which currently stands at £300 and is aimed at disadvantaged.....    read full article

New childcare minister changes entry requirements for EYE apprenticeship

Julia Corbett, News Editor (20-Aug-14)

Achieving a C grade in GCSE maths and English has been changed from an entry to an exit requirement for people completing the Early Years Educator (EYE) apprenticeship. The new Early Years Educator apprenticeship.....    read full article

Teaching nursery children British values is 'dangerous' and implies we are 'morally superior'

Sue Learner, News Editor (13-Aug-14)

Early years organisations have denounced a proposal by the Government, which will mean nurseries will be forced to teach children British values or they will lose their funding. The move announced in the.....    read full article

Nurseries see new childcare minister as 'opportunity for a fresh start'

Sue Learner, News Editor (21-Jul-14)

The early years sector has welcomed the appointment of Sam Gyimah as the new minister responsible for childcare and the early years, calling it an “opportunity for a fresh start”. Mr Gyimah replaces Elizabeth.....    read full article

New childcare minister is Sam Gyimah

Sue Learner, News Editor (21-Jul-14)

Sam Gyimah, MP for East Surrey, who was recently appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education, has confirmed on Twitter he will be responsible for childcare and the early years. Mr.....    read full article

Ofsted introduces separate early years inspection for school nurseries

Julia Corbett, News Editor (11-Jul-14)

Nurseries and early years settings in schools will receive separate Ofsted inspections and graded judgements from 1 September 2014. The announcement has been made after a consultation into the proposed changes received nearly 1,500.....    read full article