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Nurseries forced to deal with rising number of pushy, aggressive parents

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Apr-14)

Nurseries are having to deal with a rising number of aggressive parents, who confront staff with accusations and are quick to run to Ofsted with the smallest complaint. The rise in pushy, aggressive behaviour… read full article

Nurseries urged to look out for signs of autism on World Autism Awareness Day

Richard Howard, News Editor (02-Apr-14)

This week saw the 7th World Autism Awareness Day, a condition that affects around one in every 100 people although many charities believe the condition to be widely misunderstood by the general public. Susan… read full article

Day nurseries urged to concentrate on online marketing

Ellie Neville, News Editor (07-Mar-14)

Online marketing has become more and more important for successful day nurseries in the UK, research from says. Online directory and industry website has calculated that… read full article

Parenting expert writes storybook for children affected by domestic violence

Sue Learner, News Editor (24-Feb-14)

Parenting expert, Jane Evans, has written a storybook to help children make sense of the feelings they have after witnessing domestic violence. In the UK, at least 750,000 children a year are known to witness… read full article

Lack of woodland access is a national tragedy for younger generations

Richard Howard, News Editor (06-Feb-14)

'The Rat left the house, and carefully examined the muddy surface of the ground outside, hoping to find the Mole’s tracks. There they were, sure enough. The galoshes were new, just bought for the winter, and the pimples on their soles… read full article

Asquith Nannies boss calls it ‘outrageous’ that nannies don’t have to register with Ofsted

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Feb-14)

The boss of Asquith Nannies is calling for the law to be changed and says it is “outrageous” that anyone can become a nanny without any training, qualifications or checks. Martin Hinchliffe, managing director… read full article

Former deputy head questions if 'feminised' nurseries are doing enough to stimulate boys

Sue Learner, News Editor (08-Jan-14)

A former deputy head teacher has questioned whether nurseries staffed mainly by women are giving boys the same opportunity to explore imaginative play as girls. Many nurseries are very ‘feminised’ environments,… read full article

Baby room staff should be recognised for their crucial role in day nursery settings

Julia Corbett, News Editor (08-Jan-14)

Over half of the UK’s babies are being cared for outside of their own home, with other family members and day nurseries providing a higher level of care at a younger age of babies’ lives. Baby rooms within… read full article

Banning Superhero costumes and toy guns from nurseries could have a 'negative impact on children's development'

Sue Learner, News Editor (09-Dec-13)

Some nurseries have banned superhero costumes, toy swords and guns claiming ‘they encourage aggression and violence’, however a nursery has warned this could have a ‘negative impact on children’s development, particularly boys’. It… read full article

UK children have lost touch with their wild side

Richard Howard, News Editor (05-Dec-13)

An appreciation for nature needs to be nurtured better in the early years or British children’s disconnection with nature will continue, according to film-led movement Project Wild Thing. Recent research detailed in the RSPB report… read full article

Lawyers urge nurseries to take downgrading concerns and 'unfairness' of Ofsted inspections to Parliament

Sue Learner, News Editor (07-Nov-13)

Nurseries in England are stuck between a rock and a hard place, according to lawyers who say that “despite the potentially devastating consequences of being branded inadequate, there is no statutory or other effective mechanism through… read full article

Save Childhood Movement lobbies Parliament to stop 'schoolification' of the early years

Sue Learner, News Editor (07-Nov-13)

The Save Childhood Movement has rapidly become a powerful voice fighting to stop what it calls ‘developmentally inappropriate policy-making in the early years’. This year has seen a whole host of proposals… read full article

Key amendments needed to reform early years system for children with Special Educational Needs

Richard Howard, News Editor (09-Oct-13)

This week sees the Government’s Children and Families Bill debated in the House of Lords, which includes important measures to reform the early years system for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). Although delighted… read full article

Pressure mounts on Government to let parents decide when summer-born children start school

Ellie Neville News Editor (08-Oct-13)

The question of the school starting age for summer born children reached a peak in September with a House of Commons debate on the issue. MPs Annette Brooke and Elizabeth Truss spoke out in support of the campaign for parents to decide… read full article

Nurseries question benefits of ICT for young children

Sue Learner, News Editor (05-Sep-13)

New research shows over 80 per cent of nurseries have excellent ICT facilities, but some nurseries and childcare experts are starting to question whether this is a good thing. There has… read full article

Transition to full-time education and when parents should start planning their child's future

Richard Howard, News Editor (08-Aug-13)

One of the most important decisions that parents face is choosing the right school for their children, but early years development also demands that a child is well prepared for the challenges of moving on from pre-school. First-time… read full article

Top tips for parents on preparing their children for their first day at school

Richard Howard, News Editor (08-Aug-13)

Leading early years expert and president of PACEY (the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years), Penny Tassoni, has these ‘top five tips’ for helping parents get their child ready for school this summer: Teach… read full article

Nurseries adopt ‘no kissing’ policy to protect staff from being accused of abuse

Sue Learner, News Editor (04-Jul-13)

Many nurseries in the UK have adopted a ‘no kissing’ policy to protect their staff from being accused of abuse, however some argue children are being affected by bans on kissing and cuddling. Over recent… read full article

Businesses are urged to introduce more flexible hours to get mothers back into the workplace

Julia Corbett, News Editor (05-Jun-13)

More flexible working will allow parents to work the hours that they want to and provide the care that their children need, a new report has advised. The report has been compiled by… read full article

Inclusive nurseries are vital for giving 'deaf children the best start in life'

Julia Corbett, News Editor (07-May-13)

Nearly 15 per cent of the population have some degree of deafness, and it is at nursery age that a child’s hearing loss is most likely to be discovered. There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK… read full article