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The Early Years Teacher Status has given nursery practitioners 'more credibility and more confidence'

Sue Learner, News Editor (27-Mar-15)

The Early Years Teachers Status, which was introduced by the Government nearly two years ago, has been “very positive for the sector as a whole as it has given people who work with young children more credibility and more confidence”,.....    read full article

Nurseries urged to set up tooth brushing schemes to tackle tooth decay

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Mar-15)

Thousands of young children are admitted to hospital every year to have rotten teeth removed, yet tooth decay can so easily be prevented. In a bid to stem the flow of hospital admissions, the National.....    read full article

Tips on how nurseries can use the power of social media

Julia Corbett, News Editor (03-Mar-15)

Making the most of social media can boost a day nursery’s relationship with current parents and even create new business. Two popular social media platforms for businesses, Twitter and Facebook, together.....    read full article

Childcare minister Sam Gyimah to open this year's Childcare Expo

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor (24-Feb-15)

Following the success of the 2014 Childcare Expo in London, the event is set to return to the Olympia conference centre on 6-7 March. Attracting nearly 2,000 visitors, a mix of early years practitioners.....    read full article

Christie + Co: Demand for good nurseries in affluent areas is outstripping supply

Sue Learner, News Editor (09-Feb-15)

It is no surprise with both parents working in nearly two million of all families in the UK, that day nursery businesses are in big demand. In fact, buyer demand for nursery businesses is so great, especially.....    read full article

Early years development would be enhanced by a Nature & Well-being Act

Richard Howard, News Editor (03-Feb-15)

Protecting and enhancing the English landscape for the benefit of our youngest and future generations is among the primary motivations driving the call for a Nature & Well-being Act, which all leading political parties are being challenged.....    read full article

Fire-hit day nursery rises from the ashes

Richard Howard, News Editor (08-Jan-15)

Two years after an arson attack broke the hearts of nursery owners and staff at Toad Hall Nursery, in Goldsworth Park, Surrey, along with the children and parents who used the service, the nursery is once again open, welcoming new.....    read full article

Swearing in nursery: How to tackle this growing problem

Sue Learner, News Editor (07-Jan-15)

Hearing a young child swear can be very upsetting and yet it is a growing problem that thousands of nurseries encounter on a daily basis. The shock value of young children swearing was demonstrated last.....    read full article

Government advised to reconsider the term 'Integrated Review' for new two year olds' progress check

Julia Corbett, News Editor (07-Jan-15)

The report on a pilot integrating the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Progress Check with the Healthy Child Programme (HCP) health and development review has recommended the ‘integrated review’ is renamed.....    read full article

Earn your children a writer's ticket to literacy and learning

Richard Howard, News Editor (03-Dec-14)

This autumn has seen all three leading political parties sign-up to a new ‘Vision for Literacy’, acknowledging that a growing literacy gap within the UK population is becoming an ever more pressing issue. The.....    read full article

Pre-school experts stress importance of early intervention for special educational needs

Richard Howard, News Editor (03-Nov-14)

Recognising when a child has special educational needs or a disability (SEND) is a key challenge for day nurseries, with early intervention crucial in ensuring a smoother transition through each age group and eventually into adulthood. David.....    read full article

Parents confess to feeling jealous over children’s emotional bond with nursery practitioners

Sue Learner, News Editor (30-Oct-14)

A charity is calling for nurseries to educate parents on the importance of childcare practitioners forming a strong bond with their child. Some parents admit to feeling jealous of the strong, emotional bond.....    read full article

Biting in nurseries tackled by developing emotional language so children express through words not actions

Julia Corbett, News Editor (08-Oct-14)

Encouraging children to develop their own emotional language can provide nursery staff with a way to help children express themselves through words instead of physical actions such as biting and scratching. For.....    read full article

A day in the life of a nursery nurse

Nina Hathway, News Editor (07-Oct-14)

Twenty-one-year old Sophie Allen, a nursery nurse level 3 NVQ, had always wanted to work with children as long as she can remember. Here she talks about what the job is like. What is your job? "I.....    read full article

A Reggio Emilia approach helps early years staff better understand how children learn

Richard Howard, News Editor (11-Sep-14)

Although the Montessori approach to pre-school learning often receives more attention, another philosophy that more and more nurseries are beginning to favour is that of Reggio Emilia. Named after an Italian town, the approach.....    read full article

Early years intervention gives stammering children best chance of full recovery

Julia Corbett, News Editor (08-Sep-14)

Stammering is a serious communication difficulty where people have problems repeating words, repeating sounds, stretching sounds or getting stuck on a specific word. It is also more common in under-fives than many people might think. The.....    read full article

Pre-school children today have 'poorer physical and motor skills' than 20 years ago

Sue Learner, News Editor (03-Sep-14)

Pre-school children today are more fearful of hurting themselves and “are not so confident in their physical abilities as they used to be” two decades ago, according to a leading early years physical development expert. Dr.....    read full article

Nurseries urged to take disabled children and recognise 'that everyone in the world is unique'

Sue Learner, News Editor (06-Aug-14)

MPs recently described the struggle, many families with disabled children go through to get childcare, as “shocking”. A cross-party group of MPs and peers held an independent Parliamentary inquiry into childcare.....    read full article

Bilingual nurseries can make children more creative, tolerant and better at solving problems

Julia Corbett, News Editor (01-Aug-14)

Bilingual nurseries in the UK are helping children to form a foundation to become fluent in multiple languages, with languages such as Welsh, Irish, French and Spanish firmly part of the normal nursery day. Parents.....    read full article

Nursery rhymes offer parent and child a shared link to their storytelling heritage

Richard Howard, News Editor (01-Aug-14)

Tempting as it might be to dismiss the nursery rhyme 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' as a meaningless tool to amuse young children, there is considerable research to suggest that nursery rhymes serve as a key structural tool for our capacity.....    read full article