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New resources launched for parents whose children are starting school

Richard Howard, News Editor (27-Aug-14)

PACEY, the professional body for childminders and day nurseries, want to ensure that parents have more help when it comes to overseeing their children starting school. Having conducted a survey on how parents.....    read full article

Early years leaders welcome Lib Dem plans to more than triple the pupil premium

Richard Howard, News Editor (26-Aug-14)

A manifesto commitment from the Liberal Democrats to triple the early years pupil premium has been welcomed by membership organisation the Pre-school Learning Alliance. The pupil premium, which currently stands at £300 and is aimed.....    read full article

Change to entry requirements for EYE apprenticeship approved by new childcare minister

Julia Corbett, News Editor (20-Aug-14)

Achieving a C grade in GCSE maths and English has been changed from an entry to an exit requirement for people completing the Early Years Educator (EYE) apprenticeship. The new Early Years Educator apprenticeship standard has.....    read full article

Big Issue helps social enterprise firm acquire nursery in north west England to boost local jobs

Nina Hathway, News Editor (20-Aug-14)

Big Issue Invest (BII), the social investment arm of The Big Issue magazine, has loaned £75,000 to a Salford-based social enterprise, Social adVentures, to help it acquire a local day care nursery – Cheeky Monkeys – to help promote.....    read full article

Wiltshire nursery closed by Ofsted after woman arrested

Julia Corbett, News Editor (19-Aug-14)

Regulatory inspection body Ofsted has closed the Little Angels Nursery located in Calne, Wiltshire after a woman was arrested on Saturday. A Notice of Suspension posted outside the nursery stated: “The purpose of the suspension.....    read full article

Childcare costs 'tough to manage' for nearly half of British families

Julia Corbett, News Editor (19-Aug-14)

The cost of childcare has been described as ‘tough to manage financially’ by 45 per cent of families in a new report on the pressures facing modern family life today. The ‘Family Generations and Financial.....    read full article

Prime Minister pledges to 'support and strengthen' family life

Julia Corbett, News Editor (18-Aug-14)

More relationship counselling services, an improved adoption process and extra support for new parents will be announced by David Cameron today to do more to help families stay together. The Prime Minister will describe family.....    read full article

Charity urges children to reconnect with nature and have a Wild Summer

Sue Learner, News Editor (14-Aug-14)

The Wildlife Trusts has launched a free guide to help families create their own nature adventures. My Wild Summer is a wildlife and activity guide jam-packed with ideas and information, complemented by online.....    read full article

Childcare unaffordable for families on national minimum wage

Sue Learner, News Editor (14-Aug-14)

Childcare has become unaffordable for families on the national minimum wage, according to a new report. A study published by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) and funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).....    read full article

Teaching nursery children British values is 'dangerous' and implies we are 'morally superior'

Sue Learner, News Editor (13-Aug-14)

Early years organisations have denounced a proposal by the Government, which will mean nurseries will be forced to teach children British values or they will lose their funding. The move announced in the.....    read full article

Nursery chain's charity bike ride hit by tail end of hurricane

Sue Learner, News Editor (13-Aug-14)

A Childbase Partnership fundraising bike ride has reached its halfway point, despite having to cope with torrential rain and high wind and an accident involving a HGV lorry. Mike Thompson, the boss of the.....    read full article

Bond formed between Kent and Ugandan pre-schools

Richard Howard, News Editor (07-Aug-14)

A former graduate assistant at Northbourne Park School (NPS), in South East Kent, is visiting a Southern Ugandan school this month after the two facilities struck up a long-distance relationship. This story.....    read full article

Kiddi Caru calls for nurseries to stop serving fruit juices and fruit squash drinks

Nina Hathway, News Editor (06-Aug-14)

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting the health of children, nursery provider Kiddi Caru has always served only water and milk at its settings. The nursery group is now urging other nurseries to follow suit and to eliminate.....    read full article

Play is vital for children's health, social and educational development, says research

Nina Hathway, News Editor (06-Aug-14)

Children and young people from all over the UK joined community events to celebrate Playday – the national day for play that traditionally takes place on the first Wednesday of August – as a new report highlights for the first.....    read full article

Nursery rhymes offer parent and child a shared link to their storytelling heritage

Richard Howard, News Editor (01-Aug-14)

Tempting as it might be to dismiss the nursery rhyme as a meaningless tool to amuse young children, there is considerable research to suggest that rhymes like ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ serve as a key structural tool.....    read full article

Discontent as Government overlooks private sector providers on childcare support

Richard Howard, News Editor (31-Jul-14)

Using a sole public sector provider to operate Tax-free Childcare contradicts Government aims and will fail to provide value for taxpayers’ money, according to the Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA). The.....    read full article

Parents and early years educators need to assess reading skills earlier

Richard Howard, News Editor (30-Jul-14)

Too many children face starting school with inadequate reading skills, according to literacy skills company Everybody Learns. Looking to highlight differences in reading skill levels in a 4–7 year age group, Everybody Learns wants.....    read full article

Online register launched to ease child adoption process

Richard Howard, News Editor (29-Jul-14)

Children listed on the national Adoption Register can soon be viewed online by people approved at 29 councils and voluntary adoptions agencies, after the Government agreed to a pilot focused on placing children more quickly. With.....    read full article

Obesity in five year olds can lead to early puberty

Richard Howard, News Editor (28-Jul-14)

New research from Plymouth University has identified a link between childhood obesity and the lowering of the age of puberty. Published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism’, the study.....    read full article

Babies in the womb capable of recognising nursery rhymes

Sue Learner, News Editor (24-Jul-14)

The ability of babies to learn even when they are in the womb should not be underestimated, according to researchers, who found unborn babies can recognise nursery rhymes by the time the mother is 34 weeks pregnant. Many.....    read full article