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Montessori acquires Longacre Childcare

Date of article: 16-May-13

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

Montessori St Nicholas, the UK charity for Montessori, has purchased Longacre Childcare Limited as part of its growing portfolio.

Longacre has three day nurseries in Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Philip Bujak, chief executive of Montessori St Nicholas, said: “Longacre currently utilises Montessori techniques and equipment within each setting so there is a natural fit. Longacre has an outstanding local reputation, with highly qualified staff and fantastic resources. It is committed to providing the best possible start in life for each child in a homely environment.

“The charity continues to look for and acquire the very best quality childcare settings as part of its strategic aim of owning a large schools group by 2015.”

Longacre Childcare was set up in 2003 and offers day nurseries for children from 150 local families, aged three months to five years.

Longacre Day Nursery and Broughton Cottage are set in large private houses, giving children a home from home experience with extensive outdoor learning environments. Saplings Day Nursery operates from purpose-built accommodation at Tunbridge Wells Sports and Indoor Tennis Centre.

All Montessori nurseries are led by a manager with Early Years Professional Status. Montessori, which was inspired by Maria Montessori in the 1900s, offers a child-centered, holistic pedagogy.

Montessori now funds some primary schools and aims to widen accessibility in the state sector.

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