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Skype connects Old Station Nursery with children from Down Under

Date of article: 04-Feb-13

Article By: Julia Corbett, News Editor

Children at the Old Station Nursery in Lincoln have been using Skype to talk to children on the other side of the world.

The Old Station Nursery wanted to give its children the chance to learn more about Australia and its people, animals and culture.

Nursery manager, Sam Waite said: “We always try to come up with new and engaging topics for the children to learn about, and over the past few weeks we’ve been teaching them about Australia, including what kind of animals they have, where it is on a map and even giving them a chance to play a didgeridoo.

“Giving them the opportunity to chat to children in another country who are not much older than them was something we couldn’t pass up as it was a really unique way to expand their learning. They were all very excited about talking live via Skype. Some of the children come from RAF families and have mums and dads serving abroad, so Skype is a technology they are used to, while for others it was a whole new experience.”

The children at the nursery talked to a family who moved to Australia four years ago. The nursery children asked them what kind of weather they were having, if they ever have rainbows in Australia and what activities they like doing.

Ms Waite added: “This level of technology is developing at such a fast rate and we feel it is important that the children here at the Old Station Nursery have as many opportunities to experience it in real life in order for their experiences to have context and meaning. “For the children who have little or no opportunity to Skype in the home environment, it meant they were able to participate and use this technology for the first time. The children planned their time on skype and were prepared by a week long theme around Australia and asked questions such as ‘do you have snow there’ and ‘what did you do for Australia Day’.”

The experience covered so many areas of learning that the nursery plans to continue its regular contact with Australia and introduce the use of Skype with children who attend its other nurseries. The The Lincoln Marina nursery is part of the Old Station Nursery chain.

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