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Mission for Health campaign sending nurseries free resources

Date of article: 31-Jul-12

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

A new publication offering guidance on the prevention of infections in nurseries, the ‘Nursery Manager’s Guide to Infection Control’, is one of the latest free resources available from the ‘Mission for Health’ campaign to help childcare providers meet best practice.

The campaign is being led by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) in partnership with Reckitt Benckiser, the makers of Dettol, in order to promote sound hygiene practices amongst staff, parents and children.

The publication will soon be sent to NDNA members, advising on good hygiene procedures that are approved by the Infection Prevention Society, including how to minimise the likelihood of infections and also how to identify them.

Purnima Tanuku OBE, Chief Executive of National Day Nurseries Association comments “Good hygiene and preventing the spread of infections in nurseries is very important as babies and young children are still developing their immunity. We are pleased to be working with Reckitt Benckiser to provide nurseries with these free resources to ensure they have the correct hygiene practices in place.”

Further resources available as part of the Mission for Health campaign include hand-washing leaflets for parents and hand-washing ‘pin up’ cards, with more information available at

Global professional relations manager Dr Paul Goddard says: “Reckitt Benckiser is delighted to partner with NDNA by providing important resources to help nurseries encourage children, parents and staff to stay healthy through good hygiene. We are really looking forward to hearing how useful they are to the members, as this feedback will help shape further activities that we would like to support NDNA with in the future.”

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