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Outstanding nursery to charge 75p per hour extra for 'free childcare'

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 30-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

The owner of an Ofsted-rated Outstanding nursery will charge working parents 75p an hour extra when their child becomes eligible for the Government’s 30 hours ‘free’ childcare and says other nurseries are taking similiar steps to

Lifelike baby dolls designed to stop teenage girls getting pregnant are having opposite effect

Sue Learner, Editor , 26-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

A popular intervention programme, where teenage girls are given a lifelike baby doll to look after, so they can see how hard and tiring it can be caring for a baby, has been found to have the opposite effect. The

Families struggle to find suitable childcare for children with learning disabilities during school holidays

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 25-Aug-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

Parents with a child with a learning disability are finding it difficult to access childcare services during the school summer holidays. In a survey conducted by learning disability charity Mencap, four out of five parents with

Children 1st Day Nurseries on the expansion trail

Sue Learner, Editor , 25-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

Children 1st Day Nurseries, the largest family owned nursery group in the UK, now has 20 early years settings, following the acquisition of two Leek nurseries. The two nurseries located on Buxton Road and

Early years students anxiously await GCSE results

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 24-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

GCSE students across the UK are anxiously waiting to collect their GCSE results on Thursday (25 August) and make choices about their futures. Across the country, nursery practitioners will also be finding out if they have passed

It's not raining men in nurseries but a visit to Childcare Expo can help

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 24-Aug-16 article from 'Features' section

If half the class are boys but it isn’t ‘raining men’ at your nursery, what should pre-school managers be doing to achieve a gender-balanced workforce? That’s just one of the questions many early years practitioners

Ofsted chief resigns over 'offensive and damaging' Isle of Wight comments

Sue Learner, Editor , 23-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

David Hoare, chair of Ofsted, has resigned, following a furore over comments he made saying the Isle of Wight was a ghetto where there was inbreeding, high unemployment and high crime rates. Mr Hoare who

Tips for preparing children for starting school

Sue Learner, Editor , 22-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

It is now only just over a week to go until thousands of four-year-olds start their first day at school. It can be a hugely daunting time both for the child and their parents but there are certain things

New and expectant mums to benefit from £365m worth of mental health support

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 22-Aug-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

The NHS has revealed plans for a new programme that will help more than 30,000 new and expectant mums who experience serious mental health problems. The programme will support them to receive the right care at the right time, and

Rio Olympics 2016 fever grips children across Britain

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 19-Aug-16 article from 'News' section

Children as young as one have been kitted out in sporty attire, had their ‘support staff’ apply sunscreen and got active in a series of races in honour of Team GB’s Olympic success in Rio. Double Triathlon

Nine nurseries enter Government's minimum wage 'Hall of Shame'

Angeline Albert, News Editor , 19-Aug-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

The Government has made public its biggest ever 'name and shame' list of employers which failed to pay workers the minimum wage and nine nurseries are on it. The names of almost 200 employers who did not

Childhood obesity strategy is 'underwhelming' and 'far from robust', claims Jamie Oliver

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 19-Aug-16 article from 'News Analysis' section

As the Government is set to start the ‘long-awaited’ childhood obesity plan, health campaigners have called the proposals ‘feeble’ compared to what was initially expected and have called for new Prime Minister Theresa May to take

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Childcare Expo Midlands

Date: Friday 30 Sep 2016 – Saturday 01 Oct 2016

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Childcare Expo Midlands 2016

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Date: Monday 22 Aug 2016 – Friday 02 Sep 2016

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Date: Monday 29 Aug 2016 – Friday 02 Sep 2016

Location: Little Pips Nursery, Cheltenham

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Date: Tuesday 30 Aug 2016 – Monday 05 Sep 2016

Location: 48 Palace Road SW2 £NJ

Organiser: Cherubins Day Nursery - Chestnut Lodge

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Baby/Toddler activity sessions

Date: Monday 05 Sep 2016 – Monday 26 Sep 2016

Organiser: Little Cherubs Day Nursery Hounslow

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