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Children’s book tells the story of Lovely Old Lion with Alzheimer’s

Ellie Spanswick, News Editor , 03-Aug-15 article from 'Features' section

Children’s author, Julia Jarman, has written her latest book with families in mind. ‘Lovely Old Lion’ tells the story of a young lion faced with the realisation that his grandpa King Lion is becoming forgetful. The

NICE publish quality standard on maternal and child nutrition

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 31-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recently published a quality standard to help improve maternal and child nutrition to prevent health problems associated with a poor diet. Although the quality standard

An audience at birth: ‘Crowdbirthing’ emerges as new trend

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 30-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

Young women have an average of eight people present in the delivery room, with a quarter of mums sharing the journey on social media. A study on 2,000 women carried out by Channel Mum, a video blogging site, found that many are

Unaffordable housing and poorly targeted services are putting families at risk

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 30-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

Poor families with young children risk falling into crisis as they struggle to get help from vital services in housing, health and early education, finds a new report. Research conducted by the National Children’s Bureau (NCB),

Women urged to increase their intake of folic acid

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 29-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

A recently launched SafeFood Campaign has urged women who are sexually active to take folic acid, regardless of whether they are planning a pregnancy or not. The campaign has been developed to encourage women to take the Vitamin

Lack of outdoor adventures and too much electronic screen time damaging children’s health

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 28-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

By spending more than 86 hours of the summer holidays staring at electronic devices, children are missing out on traditional outdoor activities, according to a new study published by Go Ape, an outdoor adventure facility. The study

Low pay and rising costs threaten nursery staffing levels

Melissa McAlees, News Editor , 28-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

The low wages paid to those working in the childcare sector could result in a significant shortfall in the workforce once the economy improves, warns a report published by the University College of London’s Institute of Education

Children’s nurseries market increasingly attractive to international and private equity investors

Sue Learner, News Editor , 27-Jul-15 article from 'Features' section

The childcare market is in a period of growth with childcare broker, Redwood Dowling Kerr, seeing a record number of completions over the last month. The growth has come from all over the sector and in addition

Discrimination forces thousands of new mothers out of their jobs

Nina Hathway, News Editor , 27-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

New research suggests that around 54,000 new mothers may be forced out of their jobs in Britain each year. These findings are based on a survey of more than 3,200 women by the Equality and Human Rights Commission,

Mama Bear's nursery chain continues to expand

Sue Learner, News Editor , 23-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

A family run nursery group has acquired its second Plymouth nursery, taking its total number of nurseries to 22. Mama Bear’s Day Nursery group will take over the former Fort View Day Nursery in Crownhill

Free early years education closes gap between well-off and poor

Sue Learner, News Editor , 22-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

Free childcare for disadvantaged two-year-olds is succeeding in closing the gap between children from low-income families and their more well-off counterparts, according to a new report from a longitudinal study. The

Bright Horizons sees further expansion by buying Active Learning nursery group

Sue Learner, News Editor , 21-Jul-15 article from 'News' section

Bright Horizons Family Solutions, one of the UK’s leading nursery providers, has acquired Active Learning, which has nine nurseries in the south of England. The deal will take the number of nurseries owned

Upcoming Care Sector Exhibitions & Conferences

Childcare Expo Midlands 2015

Date: Friday 25 Sep 2015 – Saturday 26 Sep 2015

Organiser: Childcare Expo

Contact: 01425 838393


Narrowing the Gap Conference – London

Date: Thursday 08 Oct 2015

Organiser: TTS Group Ltd

Contact: 01623 726895


Upcoming Care Sector Awards

2nd Scottish Nursery Awards 2015

Date: Wednesday 02 Sep 2015

Location: Hilton Glasgow Hotel


13th National NMT Nursery Awards 2015

Date: Saturday 28 Nov 2015

Location: Hilton London Metropole Hotel


Upcoming Care Home Events & Open Days

Livingston Nursery Baby Group

Date: Friday 08 Aug 2014 – Friday 07 Aug 2015

Organiser: Livingston Nursery

Contact: 0800 085 4074


Making bats at Norden Road

Date: Saturday 01 Nov 2014 – Monday 04 Nov 2024

Organiser: Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd

Preschool class of 2014 reunion

Date: Sunday 30 Nov 2014 – Saturday 30 Nov 2024

Organiser: Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd

Crafty Wizards World

Date: Monday 05 Jan 2015 – Thursday 31 Dec 2015

Location: Crafty Wizards World

Organiser: Crafty Wizards Pre-School

Contact: 020 8859 3725


Yoga lessons

Date: Saturday 31 Jan 2015 – Wednesday 31 Jan 2018

Organiser: Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd

Coffee mornings and Open days

Date: Friday 19 Jun 2015 – Wednesday 30 Sep 2015

Organiser: Positive Steps Children's Day Nursery Ltd