The Nursery at St Pauls

St Paul's Church, Dock Street, Wapping, London E1 8JH

Owner: Selective Learning Ltd

Person in charge: Jennifer Gannon (Manager)

Local Authority / Social Services: London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council

Number of Staff: 22

Service Offered: Day Nursery (Privately Owned), Open all year, Full Day Care

Total Places for Children: 120

Age Range: from 0 years 3 months to 5 years 0 months

Opening Days: Mon-Fri

Opening Hours: 0700-1900

When Closed: 1 week Christmas


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We were recommended Dock Street by a colleague and my son has been looked after there since he was 3 and a half months old. He is now two years old and I could not have been luckier in finding a place for him.

The hours are great and flexible, being longer than any other nursery we looked at and without any excess charges, and he has just the kind of warm, loving care I wanted to find for him as I didn't want anywhere too 'corporate'. The staff are a good mix of people, being both young girls and mums and more mature ladies as well. I have always found them very adaptable in accommodating his needs, particularly when he was a very young baby and I was adjusting to leaving him.

My son has developed really well (I suspect much better than if I had been responsible for his early education) and is very happy there. He has a food menu that I envy and the range of activities seems very varied and seems to strike the right balance of giving him structure but also opportunities for play. I have also found staff at Dock Street to be very practical. I have stories from friends who have been called to collect children from other nurseries because they have a slight temperature, are teething or have cut their knee and even heard of one case where a person had to leave work to drop nappies off as the nursery did not supply these and had run out for her child. The staff at Dock Street I find are much more sensible. Yes, they will keep you informed as much as you want so if you want a call if anything is a little bit off they accommodate that but if you are happy to let them know that you trust them to administer Calpol, put a plaster on, etc, they will do it. You also don't have to supply any nappies, milk etc which is a bonus.

Without the comfort of Dock Street I would simply not have been able to return to work and I would encourage any parent to take a visit to the nursery and see if it suits them.

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