Day Nurseries with full day care in and around Skelmersdale

Distances given are in a straight line from the centre of Skelmersdale but travel routes may be longer.

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9.9 Recommendation Score
from 72 recommendations

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Since returning to work in 2012, Kirkby Day Nursery have helped with the care and development of my… (Tuesday 24 Mar 2015)

Asquith Kirkby Day Nursery

c/o David Lloyd Leisure Club, Arbour Lane, Kirby, Liverpool L33 7ET 5.6 Miles

Day Nursery Group: Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-Schools Ltd

Asquith Kirkby Day Nursery is located in the popular David Lloyd Leisure Club and is purpose build on one level, with a separate entrance from the club. There are four exciting rooms; one for babies with low-level furniture to pull themselves up… more

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9.9 Recommendation Score
from 75 recommendations

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Fab nursery, lovely staff. My children love going here and have so much fun and have made lots of… (Tuesday 17 Feb 2015)

Little Achievers Nursery in the Park

Park Children's Centre, Barnes Road, Skelmersdale WN8 8HN 0.5 Miles

Day Nursery Group: Rosy Apple Childcare Ltd

Little Achievers Nursery in the Park, in Skelmersdale, has excellent indoor and outdoor play environments for early years learning, benefiting from strong community links, including with outreach workers and health visitors, to offer parents the complete… more

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from 3 recommendations

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Can not fault this nursery. I was very nervous and anxious leaving my daughter whilst in work, but… (Thursday 22 Jan 2015)

Parklands Private Day Nursery

Broad Lane, Southdene, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 6QG 6.2 Miles

Day Nursery Group: Parkland Day Nurseries Ltd

Parklands Private Day Nursery keep parents fully informed of their child's early years progress, making the most of a versatile setting and range of resources to support the development of skills. All staff are qualified and trained to meet Ofsted… more

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Both of my sons have attended The Village Day Nursery from a young age. The staff are fantastic… (Thursday 10 Jul 2014)

The Village Day Nursery

Crooke Road, Standish-Lower-Ground, Wigan WN6 8LR 5.5 Miles


The Village Day Nursery, in Wigan, is committed to providing an environment in which learning is fun and children feel confident and valued. Quality childcare and education within a secure setting can help parents to feel positive about their child's… more

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Parklands Private Day Nursery

5 Moss Lane, Lydiate, Liverpool L31 4DB 6.0 Miles

Day Nursery Group: Parkland Day Nurseries Ltd

Parklands Private Day Nursery is committed to engaging children in a happy and friendly learning environment, encouraging independent learning and keeping parents up-to-date with progress. All staff are dedicated to a happy and inspiring environment… more

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Little Buds Nursery

Lydiate Primary School, Lambshear Lane, Lydiate, Liverpool L31 2JZ 5.9 Miles


Little Buds offer a well-equipped and comfortable interior, suited to both full day care and sessional care, and with versatile breakfast and after-school clubs also available. Staff are highly-qualified and welcoming to both parents and children,… more

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Stepping Stones Day Nursery

60 Blakehall, Digmoor, Skelmersdale WN8 9AZ 2.2 Miles

8.9 Recommendation Score
from 7 recommendations

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Munchkins Village Nursery

31 Junction Lane, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 5SN 3.5 Miles

8.8 Recommendation Score
from 7 recommendations

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Portico Kindergarten

Aughton Town Green Primary School, Town Green Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 6SF 3.8 Miles

8.8 Recommendation Score
from 7 recommendations

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Wadacre Farm Private Day Nursery

Wadacre Farm, Chapel Lane, Melling, Liverpool L31 1ED 6.0 Miles

8.7 Recommendation Score
from 5 recommendations

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Bright Beginnings NNI

Eavesdale, Tanhouse, Skelmersdale WN8 6AU 2.3 Miles

8.3 Recommendation Score
from 3 recommendations

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Beautiful Beginnings Day Nursery

Scarisbrick Park, Southport Road, Scarisbrick, Ormskirk L40 9RQ 5.9 Miles

8.3 Recommendation Score
from 2 recommendations

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Northview Nursery

178 Deyes Lane, Maghull, Liverpool L31 9AW 5.3 Miles

8.3 Recommendation Score
from 2 recommendations

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Portico at St Johns

St Johns Children's Centre, Birch Green Road, Skelmersdale WN8 6JJ 1.8 Miles

8.2 Recommendation Score
from 2 recommendations

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Portico at West End

West End Primary School, Grimshaw Lane, Ormskirk L39 1PA 3.6 Miles

8.2 Recommendation Score
from 1 recommendation

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The Learning Tree Children's Nursery and Pre-School

Halsall C of E School, New Street, Halsall, Ormskirk L39 8RR 6.3 Miles

8.1 Recommendation Score
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Little Foxes (Wigan) Ltd

Iona House, Billinge Road, Highfield, Wigan WN3 6BL 5.8 Miles

Giggles Day Nursery (Skelmersdale) Ltd View Full Details

1 Inskip, Skelmersdale WN8 6JT 1.3 Miles

Asmall Nursery View Full Details

Asmall Primary School, Tennyson Drive, Ormskirk L39 3PJ 3.8 Miles

The Acorn Playgroup View Full Details

Ormskirk C of E Primary School, Greetby Hill, Ormskirk L39 2DP 2.9 Miles

Kids in Bloom at South Dene Children's Centre View Full Details

Southdene Childrens Centre, Bewley Drive, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 9PF 6.1 Miles

The Legacy Nursery View Full Details

Salt Pit Lane, Mawdesley, Ormskirk L40 2QX 6.1 Miles

Little Acorns Nursery (Maryvale Nurseries Ltd) View Full Details

Summerhill School, Poverty Lane, Maghull, Liverpool L31 3DT 5.7 Miles

Kids in Bloom View Full Details

Westvale Primary School, Melverley Road, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 0RQ 6.2 Miles

Westbank Nursery View Full Details

c/o Skelmersdale College, Calder Building, Westbank Campus, Skelmersdale WN8 6JA 1.4 Miles

The Big Picture Childrens Nursery View Full Details

1 Aughton Park Drive, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 5QE 3.5 Miles

Parbold Nursery School View Full Details

The Old School, Parbold Hill, Parbold, Wigan WN8 7TG 3.8 Miles

1st Class Nursery View Full Details

(Pre-school unit), Toll Bar Cottage, High Lane, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 7SN 3.3 Miles

Fox House Day Nursery View Full Details

57 Fox House Lane, Maghull, Liverpool L31 3EW 5.5 Miles

Bright Beginnings Nursery View Full Details

Birleywood Digmoor, Skelmersdale WN8 9HR 2.4 Miles

Highview Nursery View Full Details

144 Tower Hill Road, Upholland, Skelmersdale WN8 0DT 3.4 Miles

Tiger Tots Nursery View Full Details

2 Simonswood Lane, Northwood, Kirby, Liverpool L33 5YP 5.6 Miles

Little Gems Nursery (Maryvale Nurseries Ltd) View Full Details

Ravenscroft School, Ebony Way, Kirkby, Liverpool L33 1XT 5.0 Miles

ABC Private Day Nursery View Full Details

235 Orrell Road, Orrell, Wigan WN5 8LY 4.6 Miles

Crank Nursery Ltd View Full Details

Crank Hill, Crank, St Helens WA11 7SD 4.9 Miles

Highview Baby Unit View Full Details

Hall Green, Upholland, Skelmersdale WN8 0DX 3.5 Miles

Learning Curves Nursery View Full Details

Long Lane, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 5AS 3.8 Miles

Redwood House Private Day Nursery View Full Details

128 Orrell Road, Orrell, Wigan WN5 8HJ 4.8 Miles

Little Learners View Full Details

Skelmersdale Campus, College Way, Skelmersdale WN8 6DX 1.4 Miles

Ruff Lane Day Nursery View Full Details

Abbeyfield House, 7 Ruff Lane, Ormskirk L39 4QX 2.9 Miles

First Class Nursery (Maryvale Nurseries Ltd) View Full Details

St Thomas School, Kenyons Lane, Lydiate, Liverpool L31 0BP 5.5 Miles

Young Persons Centre View Full Details

Westfield Community School, Montrose Avenue, Wigan WN5 9XN 5.7 Miles

1st Class Child Nursery Ltd View Full Details

(Baby Unit) 2 Lordsgate Lane, Burscough, Ormskirk L40 7ST 3.3 Miles

Next Generation Nursery & Schoolies Club Ltd View Full Details

118 Wigan Lower Road, Standish Lower Ground, Wigan WN6 8JP 6.0 Miles

Kids in Bloom @ Northwood Childrens Centre View Full Details

Northwood Childrens Centre, Roughwood Drive, Liverpool L33 9XD 4.8 Miles

Standish Under Fives View Full Details

Standish High School, Kenyon Road, Standish, Wigan WN6 0NX 6.3 Miles

Holly Tree Day Nursery Ltd View Full Details

9 Tracks Lane, Billinge, Wigan WN5 7BL 4.5 Miles

Springfield Montessori Nursery View Full Details

59 Springfield Road, Aughton, Ormskirk L39 6ST 4.8 Miles

Rainbow Corner (Opening Apr 2015) View Full Details

Alpha Business Park, Leopald Street, Pemberton, Wigan WN5 8EG 5.5 Miles

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