Day Nurseries with full day care in and around Carlisle

Distances given are in a straight line from the centre of Carlisle but travel routes may be longer.

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from 19 recommendations

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I love all the different crafts he comes home with and the development records are really… (Wednesday 15 Apr 2015)

Jack and Jill Nursery Ltd

15 Marlborough Gardens, Stanwix, Carlisle CA3 9NH 0.5 Miles


Jack and Jill Nursery Ltd makes the most of a charming three-storey Victorian house, converted to suit a vibrant early years learning environment. Quality resources have been put together to inspire children's interests, imaginations and abilities,… more

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8.5 Recommendation Score
from 4 recommendations

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Our daughter has really come on since going to this nursery. We would be happy to recommend it to… (Thursday 6 Feb 2014)

Muddy Boots Nursery

Newton Rigg College, Newton Rigg, Penrith CA11 0AH 16.6 Miles


Muddy Boots Nursery is a graduate led, award winning nursery situated in a safe and beautiful environment in the grounds of Newton Rigg College, Penrith. The nursery is open from 08:00am to 6:00pm daily and is open 51 weeks of the year, only closing… more

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The Nursery is amazing, my son's been going since November its got a webcam system that allows… (Wednesday 28 Jan 2015)

Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery

Byron House, Shaddongate, Carlisle CA2 5TU 0.3 Miles


Ballyhoo Boutique Nursery is a brand new purpose built setting near the city centre in Carlisle and creates the steps for uncompromised affordable childcare. The nursery has additional security with the installation of cameras in all classrooms and… more

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Houghton Nursery Group

Jackson Road, Houghton, Carlisle CA3 0PA 2.5 Miles

8.2 Recommendation Score
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Crosby Nursery

Laughingstock House, Low Crosby, Carlisle CA6 4QP 3.7 Miles

8.2 Recommendation Score
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Bolton Nursery

Colby Lane, Bolton, Appleby-in-Westmorland CA16 6AW 25.3 Miles

8 Recommendation Score
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Kiddlywinks Preschool and Day Nursery

Eamont House, Juntion 40 Business Park, Gillan Way, Penrith CA11 9BP 18.1 Miles

7.7 Recommendation Score
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Stepping Stones Day Nursery (Cumbria) Ltd

60/62 Wood Street, Maryport CA15 6LD 25.5 Miles

7.6 Recommendation Score
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Mountain View Child Care

St Josephs RC School, Mountain View, Cockermouth CA13 0DG 23.7 Miles

7.6 Recommendation Score
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Little Angels Nursery (Carlisle) Ltd

28 Portland Square, Carlisle CA1 1PE 0.4 Miles

Munchkins View Full Details

Unit 1 Canal Court Busness Centre, Infirmary Street, Carlisle CA2 7AN 0.6 Miles

Mayo Street Kindergarten View Full Details

28 Mayo Street, Cockermouth CA13 0BY 23.8 Miles

Kirkgate Pre-School View Full Details

Friends Meeting House, Cockermouth CA13 9PH 23.3 Miles

Haltwhistle Little Star View Full Details

Woodhead Lane, Haltwhistle NE49 9DP 19.5 Miles

Little Monkeys Day Nursery & Pre School View Full Details

Oaklands, Braithwaite, Keswick CA12 5RY 22.4 Miles

First Steps Day Nursery and Out of School Facility View Full Details

Newtown Primary School, Newtown Road, Carlisle CA2 7LW 1.0 Mile

Tiny Tots Day Nursery View Full Details

Harlequin Buildings, Unit 1 & 2 Meetinghouse Lane, Wigton CA7 9ED 10.1 Miles

Calthwaite Nursery T/A First Class Kids View Full Details

Old Post Office, Calthwaite, Penrith CA11 9QT 10.8 Miles

Langholm Playcare View Full Details

Community Centre, Langholm DG13 0AB 17.8 Miles

Strawberry How Nursery School View Full Details

Strawberry How Road, Cockermouth CA13 9XQ 23.3 Miles

Lowmoor Pre-School View Full Details

Evangelical Church, Lowmoor Road, Wigton CA7 9NJ 10.1 Miles

Little Luvs Day Nursery View Full Details

c/o Petteril Bank School, Burnett Road, Carlisle CA1 3BX 2.0 Miles

Pear Tree Nursery/ Kidzone View Full Details

Mary Street, Longtown, Carlisle CA6 5UG 8.0 Miles

Brampton Community Centre Children's Area View Full Details

Irthing Community Centre, Union Lane, Brampton CA8 1BX 8.7 Miles

Mary Platt Pre-School View Full Details

Methodist Church, Lorton Street, Cockermouth CA13 9RH 23.4 Miles

Great Corby School and Nursery View Full Details

Great Corby, Carlisle CA4 8NE 4.8 Miles

Mother Goose Day Nursery View Full Details

76 Wigton Road, Carlisle CA2 7AY 0.7 Miles

Goschen Road Nursery View Full Details

1 Goschen Road, Carlisle CA2 5PF 0.8 Miles

Long Marton Children's Club View Full Details

Long Marton, Appleby-in-Westmorland CA16 6BT 25.5 Miles

St Aidan's Day Nursery View Full Details

Victoria Place, Carlisle CA1 1LY 0.6 Miles

Brampton Nursery School View Full Details

Central Hall, Main Street, Brampton CA8 1RS 8.7 Miles

Kinder Park Nursery View Full Details

213 Warwick Road, Carlisle CA1 1LJ 0.9 Miles

Little VIP's Daycare View Full Details

Pheasant Bush Nursery, Cottage Hackthorpe, Penrith CA10 2HX 22.3 Miles

Keswick Day Nursery and Pre-school View Full Details

Westholme, Blencathra Street, Keswick CA12 4HY 21.7 Miles

Little Jems Nursery View Full Details

4/5 Woodrouffe Terrace, St Nicholas, Carlisle CA1 2EH 0.8 Miles

Mid Annandale Playcare View Full Details

Harcourt Place, Lockerbie DG11 2AH 23.0 Miles

Newtown Road Day Nursery View Full Details

8 Newtown Road, Carlisle CA2 7JH 0.8 Miles

Safehands Green Start Nursery at Penrith View Full Details

Oak Road, High Carleton, Penrith CA11 8TS 18.0 Miles

Sparklers Private Nursery Ltd View Full Details

18 Greencroft Wynd, Annan DG12 6BG 14.4 Miles

Ravenscar Kindergarten View Full Details

8 Eden Street, Stanwix, Carlisle CA3 9LR 0.8 Miles

Aspatria Community Childcare View Full Details

Richmond Hill School, Queen Street, Aspatria, Wigton CA7 3BQ 17.7 Miles

Queen Street Nursery & Pre-School View Full Details

19 Queen Street, Penrith CA11 7XF 17.5 Miles

Sparklers Private Nursery, Gretna View Full Details

The Rectory, Annan Road, Gretna DG16 5DH 8.6 Miles

Abbey Children's Day Nursery View Full Details

8 Abbey Street, Carlisle CA3 8TX 0.1 Miles

Wendy House Nursery (Carlisle) Ltd View Full Details

Blackwell Road, Currock, Carlisle CA2 4AB 1.0 Mile

Stepping Stones Day Nursery View Full Details

67 Denton Street, Denton Holme, Carlisle CA2 5DY 0.5 Miles

St Herbert's Nursery View Full Details

Trinity Way, Keswick CA12 4HZ 21.6 Miles

Parkfield Nursery View Full Details

143 Dalston Road, Carlisle CA2 5PG 0.9 Miles

Stone Eden Nursery School View Full Details

Wheelbarrow Hall, Aglionby, Carlisle CA4 8AD 2.5 Miles

ABC Nursery View Full Details

Lynnecroft, Main Road, Ecclefechan, Lockerbie DG11 3BU 17.4 Miles

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